Fortnite Timber Pines: How to knock them down

Fortnite Timber Pines
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Fortnite Timber Pines stand out from the regular trees on the island due to their great height and particularly thick trunks, but their main trait of note is that when you knock them down they turn into large logs which can deal damage to players or structures they hit while rolling. Players have become interested in them once again as they feature in one of the Fortnite Star Wars battle pass assignments, so it pays to know which places to look in to find these lofty pine trees. With that in mind, here are the locations to visit and how to knock down a Timber Pine with a Force ability or lightsaber in Fortnite when you get there.

Where to find Timber Pines in Fortnite

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Fortnite Timber Pines locations are divided between the autumnal biome to the northwest of the island, and the fresh biome in the southeast – they're actually big enough to be seen on the map if you zoom in a bit. We've marked a lot of them on the Fortnite map above, though this is definitely not an exhaustive list of every place you'll find them. Head to any of the areas we've marked, and you should easily spot a tall Fortnite Timber Pine ready be chopped down for whatever purpose you need it for, whether that's one of the Fortnite quests or just chaos, but the largest clusters of them are located to the northeast and southeast of Mega City.

How to knock down a Timber Pine with a Force ability or lightsaber in Fortnite

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To knock down a Timber Pine with a Force ability or lightsaber in Fortnite, you first need to gain that power and weapon. To do this, interact with one of the holograms that appear to go through a Fortnite Rift Gate, which will grant you both of those Star Wars elements. You then need to approach a Timber Pine and attack it with either the ability or weapon – although they are much bigger than regular trees they only have 200 HP, which means you should knock it down with a single well-aimed hit. You'll know you've been successful when, rather than just disappearing, the main trunk of the Fortnite Timber Pine detaches and falls away from you – make sure you don't step into its path while rolling or you'll take damage. It is possible to continue harvesting more wood from the fallen log, but it becomes incredibly light, so it's likely to bounce away when you strike it.

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