Fortnite Abductors explained – where to visit them and how to deal damage near one

Fortnite Abductors
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Fortnite Abductors are giant alien craft that dominate the skyline, so whether you're looking to just visit an Abductor or destroy equipment on top of Abductors, we've got all of the details here. These ships can cast powerful tractor beams to the areas below them, lifting players into the air then teleporting them up to the Fortnite Mothership, where they can collect high rarity weapons as well as Fortnite Alien Nanites without relying on finding random drops around the island. The tops of these vessels also provide a great source of loot in Fortnite, so if you want to encounter some Fortnite Abductors then read on. 

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If you're currently asking where are the Fortnite Abductors, then the above tweet from Epic should help explain the situation. Apparently the Abductors will visit the island in cycles over the course of the season, so if they're currently not appearing for you then rest assured that you're not alone, and they'll be back again at some point in the near future.

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Where to find Fortnite Abductors

Fortnite Abductors map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The main trick to finding Fortnite Abductors is simple; open your map! There will be three Abductors in every game, marked by the UFO icons on the map, and they always spawn above three random named places of interest. So this means that while Believer Beach and Pleasant Park may have an Abductor, landmarks will not because they're too small.

Their main mechanic is to beam you aboard the Mothership if you go inside the tractor beam they fire beneath them, which is all explained in the Mothership guide we linked in the intro. However, if you decide to land on top of the Fortnite Abductors instead, then you'll find some sweet loot, so it's always an option if you're looking for somewhere a little less populated.

For the quest to "deal damage near an Abductor", make sure you check the map when the Battle Bus starts flying in. Identify the Abductor you want to land at – we'd recommend the earliest/closest one to the path of the bus, because that's the one likely to have the most players nearby – then fly down and grab a weapon as soon as you can. As long as you deal damage in and around the tractor beam, you should be golden.

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