Fortnite Alien Artifacts locations - are there Week 11 alien artifacts and where to find previous weeks

Fortnite Alien Artifacts locations
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We've seen a total of 50 Fortnite alien artifacts spawning at regular intervals so far during the course of the season, but Week 11 marks a change to this as at the time of writing no additional artifacts have appeared. This could be due to a glitch, or an intentional plan to only run these collectibles for the first 10 weeks, but for now all we can do is ensure we've gathered up as many of the existing floating containers as possible by passing through them. Handily you'll see a purple question mark icon on the map when one is nearby, so it's easier to track them down when you're close.

Once you've banked a decent amount of this resource, you can use it to unlock a whole host of customization options for Kymera, who you should know by now as the alien you received as a reward at the start of the Battle Pass, and by using various combinations of styles there are over 2,000 different looks you can create. With new locations for these resources being added each week, there's an ever increasing number of them to track down in Fortnite, so our guide will reveal all of the Fortnite alien artifacts locations up to Week 11.

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Fortnite Alien Artifacts locations Weeks 1-5

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There are two ways to find this item, with the first being to visit one of the Fortnite alien artifacts locations marked on the map above. When you arrive at any of the following places, you'll see the artifact floating in a containment tube:

Week 1

  1. On the ramp spiralling up the Guardian Tower
  2. In the middle of the water at The Aftermath
  3. In the west field of The Orchard
  4. In the barn to the southwest of The Durrr Burger
  5. On the platform to the west of Catty Corner

    Week 2
  6. On the large satellite receiver at Discovery Dish
  7. By the building just southwest of the Guardian Tower
  8. On the north side of the bridge south of Corny Complex
  9. By the building just east of the Guardian Tower
  10. On the side of the higher pool at Brutus' Basin

    Week 3
  11. Inside the main Coral Castle building on the upper level
  12. Inside one of the huts at Rainbow Rentals (note: this was previously glitched and not appearing)
  13. Inside the boat workshop on the east side of Craggy Cliffs
  14. Halfway up the central building in Boney Burbs
  15. Inside the west section of the main Slurpy Swamp factory

    Week 4
  16. Under a metal shelving rack outside the Garden Center in Holly Hedges
  17. Inside the large building to the east of the pond in Weeping Woods, hovering by the window at the south end
  18. In the storage shed behind the yellow house on the north side of Lazy Lake
  19. Under the metal stairs behind the northeast warehouse in Dirty Docks
  20. Beside Building #4 on the pipes connecting it to Building #2 at Steamy Stacks

    Week 5
  21. Inside the attic of the brown/blue house on the south side of Believer Beach
  22. Inside the covered picnic area in the middle of Pleasant Park
  23. Near the campsite along the coast east of Craggy Cliffs
  24. Inside the attic at the top of the clock tower in Misty Meadows
  25. Behind the bus stop near the basketball court in Retail Row

Fortnite Alien Artifacts locations Weeks 6-10

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Week 6

  1. Inside the shed next to the building by Lockie's Lighthouse (note: this was originally due to appear in Week 3)
  2. In the roof rafters of the shed in the west field at Corny Complex
  3. Under the purple trees directly south from Steamy Stacks
  4. Inside the ruins on Isla Nublada off the southwest coast
  5. In the blue building on stilts at Base Camp Hotel, east of Catty Corner

    Week 7
  6. In one of the south guard towers at Stealthy Stronghold
  7. Inside the main building at Dinky Dish
  8. Hovering in the air below the Drop Shop bridge
  9. In one of the toilet cubicles inside Dampy Dish
  10. In the rafters of the dock building on the east side of Camp Cod

    Week 8
  11. Under a large overhanging rock in the purple clearing by Scenic Spot
  12. Beneath some alien trees in the purple clearing northeast of Flopper Pond
  13. Under the helipad at Dockside Dish
  14. Hovering inside the Hydro 16 building near the roof
  15. Under the wooden bridge just south of Yellow Steel Bridge

    Week 9
  16. Under the hut at the east end of the Unremarkable Shack island
  17. Inside the Stack Shack hut off the west coast
  18. In the small hut directly north of the Guardian Tower in Weeping Woods
  19. On top of the large satellite receiver at Defiant Dish
  20. Inside the Gas N' Grub diner

    Week 10
  21. Inside the lift shaft in the ruins at Sharky Shell
  22. On the walkway under the east hut at Shanty Town
  23. Under some trees on the other side of the road to Stumpy Ridge
  24. Inside the shipping container at the north entrance of Destined Dish
  25. Underneath the solar panels on the northeast side of the Weather Station

However, you should be aware that once you've collected Fortnite alien artifacts from those locations, they won't respawn at the same positions so you can't keep returning to the same place each match to rack them up. Five more Fortnite alien artifacts locations are being added each week, and they will remain in place until you've collected them so you don't need to worry about rushing to find them in the week they arrive.

Fortnite Alien Artifacts locations cosmic chest

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The other way to get Fortnite alien artifacts is to open Cosmic Chests, which only appear in squad-based game modes. Once you find a Cosmic Chest, which looks like a chest encased in a floating purple crystal, an urgent quest will trigger and the rest of your Duo/Trio/Squad needs to gather around to activate it. Only then will weak points be revealed to break it open and collect the contents inside, including some Fortnite alien artifacts to add to your resources.

How to use Fortnite Alien Artifacts

Fortnite Season 7

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you've collected some Fortnite alien artifacts, you can spend them on customizing your Kymera character, by accessing the menu from the Battle Pass section or following the shortcut from the rewards screen at the end of a match where you've collected artifacts. You can change everything from head appearance, eye color, skin color and pattern, and armor color, glow, and emblem display. Note that the cost in Fortnite alien artifacts increases from left to right across each category, and to purchase the final item you need to have claimed all previous items in that category.

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