Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges: How to beat his tasks and unlock the Ghost or Shadow Brutus style

We've now reached week 2 of the Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges, which means that even if you blitzed the initial offerings from last week your Challenge Table should now be restocked with new assignments to complete. This set should be the last supplied by Brutus, as the next Agent is due to unlock next week to help us continue our progress through Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Week 2 continues the spy theme with more Henchmen fighting and base infiltration, along with some classic Fortnite elimination tasks. There's 40,000 Season XP up for grabs for every exercise you complete, so follow our lead to find out how to beat the Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges, as well as discovering how to unlock the Fortnite Brutus Ghost or Shadow style.

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How to find the Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges

Fortnite Brutus' Briefing Challenges

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You can find the Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges by selecting the Challenge Table in the middle of the Battle Pass hub. The first tab that appears should be for Brutus' Briefing, which will then display markers on the map indicating the rough areas where the challenges can be completed. Note that some challenges may appear on more than one marker if they can be done in multiple locations.

Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges week 1

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Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges week 1

Land at Lockie's Lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay (3)

The lighthouse should be obvious as it towers over its surroundings, however if you need to find that, the ski lodge, or the highest mountain then we've got you covered with our roundup of the Fortnite Lockie's Lighthouse, Apres Ski, and Mount Kay locations.

Search Chests at The Grotto or The Shark (7)

The Grotto is on the east coast of the island, while The Shark is up in the northwest corner, and you need to search seven chests in total across those locations. If you attempt this in Team Rumble mode, the Henchmen won't spawn which could make things easier.

Deal damage to Henchmen (2,000)

Henchmen appear in the five new bases around the map, and you need to deal a total of 2,000 damage to them – don't forget you can deal additional damage after they've been downed.

Open doors locked by an ID Scanner in different matches (3)

ID Scanners also appear in the five bases as a panel on the wall by a locked door, and to open them you need to either disguise yourself as a Henchman using a phone booth, or knock down a Henchman and carry them to the ID Scanner then interact with it.

Be crouched within 20m of unaware Henchmen for a total of 10 seconds (10)

Sneak around one of the bases and crouch near a Henchman to rack up the required time – you can easily do this through walls or objects to break line of sight and avoid detection.

Search Ammo Boxes in a single match (7)

If you head to a named location away from the battle bus route this shouldn't be too difficult to complete, and attempting in Team Rumble will let you continue your total even if you get eliminated.

Disguise yourself inside a Phone Booth in different matches (3)

There are red Fortnite phone booths dotted around the island, mainly in and around the five bases, which you can use to disguise yourself as a Henchman. Do this in three matches and you're golden.

Throw different shield items or healing items (3)

You can now throw healing and shield items once equipped, by holding aim then pressing the trigger like other throwables. You need to throw three different items from the four available bandages, medikits, small shield potions, and shield potions to tick this one off.

Eliminate players while having a total of 100 health and shield or more (5)

As long as you've not taken any damage, your eliminations will count towards this total, but if you've been hit you can still collect kills if the total of your health and shield is over 100. Team Rumble, as always, is the best place to rack up a series of eliminations.

Damage players using 2 different weapons within 10 seconds (1)

You only need to cause damage rather than eliminate here, so as long as you've got two different weapons in your inventory you can get a hit with one then quickly switch over and hit again with the next one.

Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges week 2

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Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges week 2

Hide in Secret Passages in different matches (3)

Fortnite Secret Passages are toilets and dumpster that send you down a pipe to a different location when you hide in them – they're mainly found around Agent bases and safe houses.

Eliminate players using a Shotgun (3)

Grab a shotgun and start taking down opponents with it, ideally in Team Rumble mode getting eliminated yourself isn't a problem.

Carry a Knocked opponent 50m (50)

Usually you'll need to play Duos or Squads mode to be able to knock opponents and carry them, though handily you can also do this with Henchmen at Agent bases and safe houses.

Deal damage to players from below (250)

Aim upwards to damage players above you, either up hills or on top of ledges and buildings. Stick to low areas in Team Rumble and watch out for higher enemies.

Open Chests locked by an ID Scanner (3)

To open chests locked by ID Scanners, which are found in Agent bases and safe houses, you'll either need to disguise yourself with a phone booth or knock a Henchman and carry them to the scanner.

Deal damage with Shotguns to players while in the air (200)

Find a shotgun and get close to an opponent, then jump in the air before pulling the trigger to start racking up airborne damage.

Harvest 500 wood, 400 stone, and 300 metal (3)

Make sure you're hitting the weak points as you harvest materials, because this will give you extra mats and speed up the process of hitting these targets.

Shakedown Knocked Henchmen in different matches (3)

Once you've knocked a Henchman at an Agent base or safe house, approach them and hit the appropriate prompt to shakedown and get information about the surrounding enemies and chests.

Eliminate players at Craggy Cliffs or Weeping Woods (3)

If you're struggling to eliminate opponents in these areas, keep playing Team Rumble until the circle forms around either Craggy Cliffs or Weeping Woods, which will concentrate players in those areas.

Find SHADOW Safe Houses (5)

There are five different Fortnite SHADOW Safe Houses around the map, though two of them are underground so aren't obvious from above. You need to visit all five, and we've got every location.

How to unlock the Fortnite Brutus SHADOW or GHOST style

How to unlock the Fortnite Brutus SHADOW or GHOST style

Fortnite Brutus' Briefing Challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You can access the Fortnite Brutus SHADOW or GHOST style options by going through the Agents menu from the main Battle Pass hub. To unlock the style you need to do the following:

  • Buy the Battle Pass
  • Reach Battle Pass Level 20
  • Complete at least 18 of Brutus' Briefing Challenges

Once all three of those are done, the game will reveal Brutus' final SHADOW mission and final GHOST mission. At this point you'll need to choose how you complete Brutus' final mission, which determines whether you receive either the SHADOW or GHOST style, so pick wisely as your decision will be locked in.

  • Steal security plans from The Rig, The Yacht, or The Shark and deliver them to SHADOW (1)
  • Steal security plans from The Rig, The Yacht, or The Shark and deliver them to GHOST (1)

For more details on this, check out our Fortnite steal security plans and deliver them to SHADOW or GHOST guide.

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