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Fortnite Secret Passages locations: How to hide in Secret Passages in different matches

In keeping with the spy theme introduced with the new season, there are now Fortnite Secret Passages running underneath the map. These are hidden in ordinary looking toilets or dumpsters around the island, which will magically whisk you off to another location when you hide inside, so knowing which ones have tunnels connected will help you tick off the three you need for one of the Fortnite Brutus' Briefing challenges (opens in new tab) sooner rather than later.

All over the map you’ll see toilets and dumpsters you can hide in to avoid enemy players. However, as we mentioned, some also act as teleports and will whip you away to another toilet or dumpster nearby. Most of them are two-way, but a few are one way only – and finding out which is which is half the fun. You’ll find toilets and dumpsters scattered around the island in Fortnite (opens in new tab), mostly concentrated near the various Agent bases and Ghost or Shadow safe houses, but be warned: the Fortnite Secret Passages are only active in normal matches, so unfortunately you can’t use Team Rumble or Creative modes to make life easier. With that in mind, start a Solo, Duos, or Squads match and then head to one of these areas on the map to tick off the challenge.

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Fortnite Secret Passages locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've marked plenty of Fortnite Secret Passage locations on the map above, so you've got many choices for where to go and find the toilets and dumpsters. Bear in mind that some of these are contained within Fortnite vaults (opens in new tab), so you won't be able to access them unless you take down the boss and use their keycard to get inside. The Fortnite Secret Passages are clustered around the following places:

  • The Shark in B1
  • The islands in A2 and B2
  • The SHADOW Safe House at B4
  • The Rig in B7
  • Around the Pleasant Park SHADOW Safe House at D2 and D3
  • The Agency in E4
  • The GHOST Safe House at D5
  • The SHADOW Safe House on the island in E7
  • The SHADOW Safe House at F2
  • The Yacht in H1
  • The SHADOW Safe House at G4
  • The Grotto in H5

Remember, only one Fortnite Secret Passage per match will count towards the challenge, which means you’ll have to play at least three matches - you can’t just find a single toilet or dumpster and keep using it within the same game. You can, however, make life easier by heading for the Safe House at D5. That’s got seven toilet secret passages lined up outside, and two more inside, making it a super easy place to use straight from a drop. Head there, use a Fortnite Secret Passage, then rinse and repeat two more times in different matches to complete the challenge.

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