Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges: How to finish her tasks and unlock the Shadow or Ghost TNTina style

Week 4 of the current season has arrived, which means our explosive Agent has a fresh list of Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges to beat. If you've been following the weekly tasks so far in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 then you know how this all works, with a total of 20 challenges now released to tick off in this set. Get ready to take on Henchmen and Bosses alongside the familiar Fortnite collecting tasks, and if you want to make progress on your battle pass then the 40,000 Season XP awarded for completing each one will give you a real boost. We've got all the information you need to know on how to clear the Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges, as well as explaining how you can add the Fortnite TNTina Shadow or Ghost style to your locker.

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How to find the Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges

Fortnite Brutus' Briefing Challenges

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The Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges are available from the Challenge Table in the main HQ screen of the Battle Pass area. Cycle through the tabs at the top of the page until you find TNTina's Trial, after which you'll see map markers appearing to show the general areas the challenges take place – unless they're classed as "Anywhere Challenges" that have no set locations. Some challenges may place more than one marker on the map if they involve several locations.

Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges week 3

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Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges week 3

Eliminate players using explosives (5)

Usually rockets and grenades count for these, alongside the remote and proximity mines added more recently to the game. Look for an explosive weapon in Team Rumble then track down opponents and let them have it.

Search Chests at Holly Hedges or Retail Row (10)

Holly Hedges and Retail Row are at opposite sides of the map, so being able to search chests at either gives you some options. Head to one of them as soon as the match starts for your best chance of finding undisturbed chests.

Destroy structures with Propane Tanks (10)

You'll find the bright red Fortnite propane tanks around The Rig, so pick one up and move it to an area surrounded by structures before shooting it to make it explode, then repeat until you reach your target. Make things easier for yourself by weakening the structures with your harvesting tool first.

Catch Air with a Motorboat (5)

There are plenty of Fortnite motorboats dotted around the island, so once you've found one you'll need to drive it over a ramp, off a waterfall, or even boost over a hill to catch some air.

Visit different Landmarks (15)

There are well over 60 Fortnite landmarks to discover in total, so travel around the island visiting any areas that look interesting and it shouldn't take long to reach your total.

Use Upgrade Bench to sidegrade a weapon (3)

Currently the only weapons that can be sidegraded are standard and heavy assault rifles, so find either then take them to one of the Fortnite weapon upgrade benches to spend 20 wood, stone, and metal to convert your gun.

Deal damage to Bosses (500)

Bosses are the Agents you'll find within the Fortnite Henchmen and Agents at the five bases around the island, so track them down for a fight but watch out for their mythic weapons.

Land at The Rig, Hydro 16, and Logjam Woodworks (3)

If you're looking for the Fortnite The Rig, Hydro 16, and Logjam Woodworks locations you can clearly see The Rig in B7 of the map, but you'll also find Hydro 16 at the dam in D7 and Logjam Woodworks on the west side of Weeping Woods in B6. If you deploy your glider during a Team Rumble match and land in these areas you can speed up the process.

Destroy Sentry Cameras or Sentry Turrets (5)

You'll find sentry cameras and turrets inside the five bases, and there are also several cameras around GHOST House in D5 plus three turrets in a secret area underneath the lower floor of that building.

Eliminate players without using shield or healing items inbetween eliminations (2)

Simply get two eliminations in a row without topping up your health or shields, which as always is easiest to tackle in Team Rumble mode.

Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges week 4

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Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges week 4

Search Chests at Pleasant Park or Slurpy Swamp (10)

Head to Pleasant Park in the northwest or Slurpy Swamp in the southwest and start hoovering up those chests – make sure you check attics in Pleasant Park or individual side rooms in Slurpy Swamp so you don't miss anything.

Destroy opponent structures with Proximity Mines or Remote Explosives (20)

Team Rumble is the best place to tackle this, so look out for Proximity Mines or Remote Explosives specifically (as other explosives won't count) then use them to take down your opponents buildings.

Fish with Explosives (3)

By hitting a fishing spot (the rippling white circles on the surface of water) with an explosive you can reveal all the fish and weapons it contains at once. Do this in three different spots and you're good to go.

Eliminate players at The Agency or Sweaty Sands (5)

As always, Team Rumble is the mode to hit if you're trying to rack up eliminations, and if you get a match where the circle is closing around The Agency in the centre or Sweaty Sands then you should be golden.

Search Ammo Boxes in different Named Locations (7)

Thanks to the Season 2 update there are now a total of 18 different named locations, and all you need to do is search an ammo box at seven of them. The full list of locations is as follows:

  • Craggy Cliffs
  • Dirty Docks
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Holly Hedges
  • Lazy Lake
  • Misty Meadows
  • Pleasant Park
  • Retail Row
  • Salty Springs
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Steamy Stacks
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Weeping Woods
  • The Agency
  • The Grotto
  • The Rig
  • The Shark
  • The Yacht

Use Decoy Grenades (5)

Decoy grenades create an AI controlled duplicate of your character, which can then distract opponents while you make your move. Decoy grenades come in stacks of three, so as long as you use them you only need to find two stacks.

Deal damage to players while riding in a Motorboat (200)

We linked to our Fortnite motorboat locations guide in Week 3 above, so grab one then ride around firing off missiles to hit opponents – sadly damaging Henchmen doesn't count towards this.

Scan a Henchman in different matches (3)

To scan a Henchman you need to knock them at a hideout or one of the Fortnite SHADOW safe houses, then pick them up and carry them to either a locked door or a secure crate with an ID scanner. You'll then get a prompt to scan the Henchman – remember that they don't spawn in Team Rumble mode so you'll need to do this in Solo/Duos/Squads.

Visit Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels (3)

If you're looking for the Fortnite Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels locations then we have a guide for them, and you only need to visit the locations at any point during a match with no glider required.

Collect different Boss Weapons (3)

Each of the main Agents in the five hideouts carries a Boss Weapon, so you need to take down three different Bosses and swipe their armaments.

How to unlock the Fortnite TNTina SHADOW or GHOST style

How to unlock the Fortnite TNTina SHADOW or GHOST style

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You'll find the Fortnite TNTina SHADOW or GHOST style options by opening the Agents menu from the central Battle Pass hub and selection option 2 for TNTina. To unlock the style option you'll need to do the following:

  • Buy the Battle Pass
  • Reach Battle Pass Level 40
  • Complete at least 18 of TNTina's Trial Challenges

Tick off all three of those, and you'll discover TNTina's final SHADOW mission and final GHOST mission. As with Brutus before, you'll need to pick a side to complete this mission, which will result in you unlocking either the SHADOW or GHOST style, so think carefully as you can't undo this choice afterwards.

  • Destroy GHOST dropboxes using explosives (2)
  • Destroy SHADOW dropboxes using explosives (2)

For all the information you need to complete this final mission, visit our Fortnite destroy GHOST or SHADOW dropboxes using explosives guide.

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