How to destroy GHOST or SHADOW dropboxes using explosives in Fortnite for TNTina's final mission

If you've been busy and managed to beat a majority of the challenges set by the second Agent, then your next task is to destroy GHOST or SHADOW dropboxes using explosives in Fortnite. To get to that stage, you'll first have to hit level 40 of the Battle Pass, as well as finishing off at least 18 of Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges, at which point you'll have an additional final mission to take on with the following description:

  • Destroy GHOST dropboxes using explosives (2)
  • Destroy SHADOW dropboxes using explosives (2)

You can work towards TNTina's final mission is any of the main game modes, as Fortnite GHOST and SHADOW dropboxes appear in all of them during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, and as always Team Rumble is probably the easiest match type to attempt this challenge in without being disturbed by opponents. Make sure you're paying attention while on this mission, as you need to attack the opposing faction to the one you want to align yourself with in Fortnite – that's a bit of mouthful, so the TL;DR is destroy GHOST dropboxes to get the SHADOW style, or destroy SHADOW dropboxes to get the GHOST style. Got it? Good. Now follow this guide and we'll show you how to destroy GHOST or SHADOW dropboxes using explosives in Fortnite, to complete TNTina's final mission.

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How to destroy GHOST or SHADOW dropboxes using explosives in Fortnite

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You'll find Fortnite GHOST and SHADOW dropboxes in pretty much every named location on the island, and we've marked all the ones we encountered on the map above. Note that this may not be completely exhaustive, but will provide more than enough options for you to destroy GHOST or SHADOW dropboxes using explosives in Fortnite. You don't need to destroy both of them in the same match, but as there are normally at least a couple close to each other in each area you should be able to do this in one go.

Fortnite steal security plans and deliver to SHADOW or GHOST mailboxes

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If you haven't spotted them before, the dropboxes look like mailboxes at the side of the road, and as well as sporting the appropriate faction's logo they are also coloured either white for GHOST or black for SHADOW. Destroy two dropboxes using explosives in Fortnite to complete TNTina's final mission, but remember that you're attacking the opposite faction's equipment here – so destroy GHOST dropboxes using explosives to earn the TNTina (SHADOW) style or destroy SHADOW dropboxes using explosives to unlock the TNTina (GHOST) style for your agent.

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