The game you've always wanted gets a website

Wednesday 13 June 2007
If you're one of the millions of gamers completely unfamiliar with the currently in-development PC point-and-click adventure, Mozart, now's your chance to get acquainted because thegame's website (opens in new tab)is now live. On it you'll find a whole host of information just a tap of the virtual baton away. Unfortunately, if - like us monoglot barbarians - you don't speak the lovely language of French, none of it will make any sense.

So you don't feel as though you're missing out, here's some background info on Mozart - the game is set in 18th Century Prague and players assume the role of the eponymous wig-headed composer as he goes about the business of sorting out his money problems. The official press release for the game describes the jist of it like so: "As the player, who embody Mozart, discovers the town, he has to solve the musical riddles of this original gameplay, while the composer's music plays the whole time."

Mozart is currently only scheduled for a PC release and we think we can safely say that it won't ever appear on Xbox 360 or PS3. However, bung a few ivory-tickling mini-games into the mixer and we're sure it'd make a perfect addition to the Wii release schedule.

Above: Now imagine Piano Concerto Number 24 in C minor playing and you're pretty much there

Matt Cundy
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