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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

John Lithgow in Rise Of The Apes , Paul Cornell talks Action Comics, a new Inception trailer, and more!

It’s mostly superheroes and animals today, but good news anyway. Enjoy!

John Lithgow joins Rise Of The Apes cast

The guys over at Heat Vision have managed to grab news that John Lithgow has joined the cast of Rise Of The Apes , along with a few details on the plot.

Inception – Meet the characters

Den of Geek have been sent the latest trailer for Inception, introducing us to all the different characters of the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan film. Mild spoilers ahead, but not as much as you'd find in most trailers – this is a Nolan film, after all.

Paul Cornell hooks up with Lex Lutho r

Over on DC’s The Source , a small interview with Paul Cornell is online, where he discusses his new contract with DC, and the new Lex Luthor story arc he’s working on.

Smallville RPG

Margaret Weis Productions has revealed a new addition to their tie-in RPGs. The Smallville RPG lets you play as one of the regular cast, or create your own new character. Now you too can play as an angst-ridden teenage superhero (who just happens to be 35).

Piranha 3D Poster

Just in case you forgot about Piranha 3D , or heck, you just forgot that it was in 3D, a new poster has been released to remind you, gnashing teeth and all.

Today's Link-A-Mania was brought to you by the letters I and P, the number 7 and newshound Andrew King.