Football Manager Live

Mixing the best bits of Football Manager with a fistful of realism and a gutload of passion results in a whole new ball game

Jan 3, 2008

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. The pick %26rsquo;n%26rsquo; mix playfulness of fantasy football crossed with the devilish detail of the Football Manager series. It%26rsquo;s got such potential and obvious appeal that it almost reeks of some cynical marketing meeting: %26ldquo;Guys, I just want to say this: %26lsquo;FML, the MMO that%26rsquo;s a new USP for our key IP!%26rsquo;%26rdquo;

But no. Rather like the bedroom-coded origins of Sports Interactive%26rsquo;s first title- the genre-reviving and defining Championship Manager- the genesis of Football Manager Live is something much more personal. After working for years at Sports Interactive ever since leaving school, Champ Man%26rsquo;s co-creator Oliver %26lsquo;Ov%26rsquo; Collyer decided to take a break from it all and go travelling.

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