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GRs weekend giveaway: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Welcome back to GamesRadar’s weekend giveaway! This week, it’s all about time travelling and paradigm shifts with the recent release of Final Fantasy XIII-2. If you’re ready to transcend time and space to save the world, enter now for a chance to win a free copy of this spectacular JRPG for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Winners will also receive a copy of Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-, a short novel by Jun Eishima (pictured below).

Above: Find out why GamesRadar gave Final Fantasy XIII-2 a nine-out-of-ten and read our full review for more details on how the sequel compares to Final Fantasy XIII

To enter, just leave a comment on this article by 10:00 am (Pacific Time) on Monday, February 6. Don’t forget to tell us if you’d prefer a 360 or PS3 version of the game in your comment. This content is for US residents only. We apologize to our readers from other countries. The lawyers made us do it.

Winners can expect to receive a private message from one of our administrators early next week. Don’t forget to check your inbox on the site to see if you’ve won.

Good luck!

UPDATE 02/06/2012: Thank you very much for visiting GamesRadar’s weekly weekend giveaway. This contest is now closed. Please check your inbox to see if you won and come back to GamesRadar for more news, previews, reviews, features, and contests.