Every Fortnite Rift location in Season 8

Fortnite rifts first arrived on the island during Season 5, providing a quick way for players to get back into a skydiving / gliding state in order to travel fast, evade attacking enemies, or simply outrun the incoming storm. Fortnite players expected that they would be eventually phased out of the game, but three seasons later they're still here - albeit in significantly reduced numbers now.

Fortnite rifts have seen several changes during this time, with the Rift-To-Go item allowing players to create a portable rift on the fly, as well as the additional of infinite rifts that are also known as "permarifts". These permarifts aren't removed from the match once they've been activated, so they can essentially be used as many times as you like for the entire game. We've update the Fortnite rift locations map further down this guide, to show where you can find both types of rift in Fortnite Season 8.

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How to use the Fortnite Rifts

The Fortnite rifts basically act as mini portals, or map-controlled jump pad, as you'll fall from the sky into the same area as the portal was found, providing a quick escape route if an enemy squad has you pinned. 

It was originally thought that the rifts might be able to transport you to different areas of the map - which would be especially handy now that the storm moves as well as shrinks in the later stages of a match - but it seems Epic is using these rifts as a kind of reset for players, rather than an actual portal. 

Interestingly, you can actually hear when another player has used a portal - and thus they can hear you - and it's this terrifying kind of ripping noise that can be heard from quite a way away, letting you know that someone has taken to the skies and can probably see you legging it towards the storm circle right now.

Where are the Fortnite Rift locations?

At first it may seem like the Fortnite rifts pop up at random across the map, however there are fixed locations where you can find them but their spawning is not guaranteed in every match. Pop along to the areas listed below for the best chance of accessing a rift - though bear in mind that if it didn't spawn in the current match or another player has already used the rift then it may not be there for you.

  • C10 - An infinite rift is on the icy southwestern island, under the shack
  • D3 - By the Durrr Burger sign east of Pleasant Park
  • I7 - Over the corner of the road northwest of Paradise Palms

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