Fortnite Wolverine Claw Marks locations: Where to investigate mysterious claw marks

Fortnite Wolverine Claw Marks
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In keeping with the Marvel theme for this season, you'll need to seek out a set of Fortnite Wolverine claw marks in order to kick off the Fortnite Wolverine challenges for our adamantium hero. It seems he's been busy slashing his way around Weeping Woods, so it's up to you to investigate these markings and determine exactly where Logan has been. If you had to wander around Fortnite and find them all yourself then it would take a while, as they're not the easiest things to spot and at least one is hidden away from view, so let us guide you through the Fortnite Wolverine claw marks locations so you can wrap them up.

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Fortnite Wolverine Claw Marks locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Wolverine claw marks can all be found in Weeping Woods, towards the southwest corner of the island. Although this forest is quite expansive, we want to focus on the eastern side of it where the main buildings are situated, and that's the area we've shown on our map above. We've circled all three of the Fortnite Wolverine claw marks locations, but if you need some extra guidance then these are the specific places to look:

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The first Fortnite Wolverine claw mark is on the west side of the largest building in Weeping Woods, and you'll find it on an outside wall tucked under a balcony.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You'll find the second Fortnite Wolverine claw mark on the side of a rock, on the east side of the pond between the main buildings in Weeping Woods.

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The third and final Fortnite Wolverine claw mark is located in the parking lot, along the side of a green RV in the northeast corner of the lot. Collect them all to add the Berserker Barrage! spray to your locker, and get one step closer to unlocking Wolverine in the future.

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