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Fortnite cars: Where are the cars in Fortnite and how to drive them

Fortnite Cars locations how to drive
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite cars are one of the biggest updates to happen to the game in recent times, and after much speculation (plus a short delay) they finally appeared on Wednesday, August 5. Obviously, now they're actually available the first question people will ask is "where are the Fortnite cars", and players will also want to know how to drive them. A new mechanic has been introduced which means these vehicles rely on fuel to keep running, so finding and using Fortnite gas stations is now an important part of your strategy. We're here to provide all the Fortnite information about how to find and drive cars, including where to find Fortnite gas station locations to keep your motor running, in our complete Fortnite cars guide.

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Fortnite car locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Now that they're finally in the game, you can find Fortnite cars in many locations around the island. We've marked a decent number to get you started in a pinch but the map above is not intended to be exhaustive – you honestly won't have to look far when you're running around to find one. Don't be fooled by vehicles that have a wheel clamp attached, however, as these are fixed parts of the scenery and cannot be driven.

How to drive Fortnite cars

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite cars work in the same way as the other vehicles in Fortnite, so approach it and interact to hop in, then you'll be able to switch seats at your leisure and ferry your teammates back and forth. The controls can take a bit of getting used to, as pushing up and down on the left stick affects acceleration and braking along with the pad triggers. Steering is controlled by pushing left and right on the left stick, but bear in mind that your vehicle will also try to drive in the direction the camera is facing so you can't look around you without changing your travel trajectory.

What Fortnite cars are available?

(Image credit: Epic Games)

At launch, there are four different types of Fortnite cars present in the game. According to the blurb, this is what you need to know about them:

  • Islander Prevalent - The spirit of responsibility
  • Victory Motors Whiplash - It's not just a name. It's a warning
  • OG Bear - Don't poke the bear
  • Titano Mudflap - Own the road

These Fortnite cars also have built-in radio stations to listen to a variety of music including licensed tracks, though at the time of writing this has been temporarily disabled while an issue is being investigated.

Fortnite gas station locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite cars require gas in order to keep driving, which means that the Fortnite gas stations will play a more important role than ever before in the game. We've marked all of the Fortnite gas station locations on the map above, and here is a list of where you'll find them:

  • A5: Holly Hedges
  • B3: Sweaty Sands
  • D4: Salty Springs
  • D2: Pleasant Park
  • E2: East of Pleasant Park
  • G2: West of Steamy Stacks
  • G4: East of Frenzy Farm
  • F5: South of Frenzy Farm
  • F6: Lazy Lake
  • G7: Catty Corner
  • D7: West of Misty Meadows
  • C6: North of Slurpy Swamp
  • B7: The Fortilla

To refuel one of the Fortnite cars, simply park up close to a gas pump then get out and interact with it – this allows you to squirt fuel straight at the vehicle to fill it. If you're carrying a gas can then you use that in the same way, and if you approach a gas pump with it equipped the prompt will let you refill the can.

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