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Fortnite gas pump locations: Where to deal any damage to opponents by shooting exploding gas pumps

There have been a number of changes made recently to the way things work in the game, and one of them is that Fortnite gas pumps now ignite and explode when shot. This means that gas stations are particularly dangerous places for players to hang out in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, as a few bullets from opponents can now make the whole place go up in flames. For one of the Fortnite Dockyard Deal challenges you need to deal any damage to opponents by shooting exploding gas pumps, which means knowing where to find gas stations in Fortnite is a real bonus. We've been out and tracked down every one the Fortnite gas pump locations, so all you need to do is visit one then lie in wait for an unsuspecting opponent to pass through.

Fortnite gas pump locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've found six different gas stations containing Fortnite gas pumps, which we've marked on the map above. These are in the following locations:

  • A5 - west of Holly Hedges
  • D4 - north side of Salty Springs
  • D2 - east side of Pleasant Park
  • E2 - south of Craggy Cliffs
  • F5 - south of Frenzy Farm
  • G4 - east of Frenzy Farm

How to deal any damage to opponents by shooting exploding gas pumps in Fortnite

Fortnite Gas Pumps

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you're near one of the Fortnite gas pumps, find a suitable spot nearby to hide out of sight and wait for an opponent to approach. If they go near a pump, shoot it once to set it on fire and it will explode after a second or so. Shooting the Fortnite gas pump multiple times will make it explode faster, which could be crucial to catch an opponent in the blast before they have time to run away. Remember, you only need to deal any damage to opponents, so as long as the explosion is close enough to take off even a sliver of shield or health then this challenge will be completed.

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