Fortnite gas pumps locations and where to find Fortnite gas stations to refuel your vehicles

Fortnite Gas Pumps locations at Fortnite Gas Stations
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There are more Fortnite gas pumps available in the battle royale than ever before, with additional Fortnite gas stations springing up around the island to expand the already wide selection of locations. Whether you're trying to refuel a vehicle at different gas stations in a single match, or simply keeping your tank topped up so you can keep on rolling, knowing where the nearest gas pumps are will help you to stay on the move.

As well as providing a handy source of fuel for your rides, you'll often also find some Fortnite off-road tires stashed nearby to give your vehicle a mod boost, plus there are usually Fortnite vending machines and chiller units so you can stock up on supplies before moving on. For those undertaking a Fortnite road trip, we've scoured the highways and byways to bring you all of the Fortnite gas pumps locations, as well as confirming where Fortnite gas stations can be found.

Fortnite gas pumps locations

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We've found 19 different Fortnite gas pumps locations, which we've marked on the map above. These are in the following places:

  • West of Logjam Junction
  • Southwest of Shifty Shafts
  • Floaties Boats (south of Shifty Shafts)
  • Northwest side of Sleepy Sound
  • Northwest docks of Sleepy Sound
  • Northeast side of Coney Crossroads
  • East of Lazy Lagoon
  • Syndicate Shoals (island east of Lazy Lagoon)
  • Floating docks northeast of Sanctuary
  • 'Stools Fuels (northwest of Reality Falls)
  • Shroom Station (southeast of Reality Falls)
  • Southeast side of Greasy Grove
  • Fungi Farm (southwest of Greasy Grove)
  • Southwest of Tilted Towers
  • Northeast of Rocky Reels
  • Southeast side of Synapse Station
  • South side of Chonker's Speedway
  • Northwest side of Condo Canyon
  • East of The Joneses

How to refuel a vehicle at different gas stations in Fortnite

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To complete this quest, you need to find a vehicle and then refuel it at three different Fortnite gas stations in the same match. Handily you'll usually find at least one vehicle by each gas station, which you can then refuel by interacting with the pump and then squirting gas at your ride. Note that for this particular assignment you need to specifically refuel at gas stations, so some of the Fortnite gas pumps at docks or other isolated locations won't count towards your target. The easiest route we can suggest is starting at Greasy Grove, heading north to Shroom Station, and from there either go east to Tilted Towers or northwest to 'Stools Fuels – one quick glug of gas at each and you're finished.

How to destroy Fortnite gas pumps

Fortnite Gas Pumps locations

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Previous challenges have required players to deal damage with exploding Fortnite gas pumps or gas cans, which is particularly tricky as you need to get an opponent or NPC near enough to be caught in the blast, then make it explode at the right time. Thankfully it's much easier to simply destroy gas pumps in Fortnite, so find a gas station and then damage those pumps until they ignite and blow up. Job done!

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