Fortnite Awakening challenges: How to unlock built-in emotes for all of the Marvel heroes

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4
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The Fortnite Awakening challenges are bonus tasks you'll reveal as you progress through this season's battle pass, and are linked to the Marvel heroes you unlock along the way. These assignments tend to appear a few levels after you've added the specific character's outfit to your locker, and by completing them you'll receive an additional built-in emote which triggers a special action for them. As you'll see, these challenges are largely based around new Marvel-themed landmarks that have recently arrived in Fortnite, which means it's completely understandable if you don't recognise their names or know where these areas are. We've already done the searching for you, so read on for everything you need to know about the Fortnite Awakening challenges.

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Fortnite Mjolnir Awakening Challenges

Mjolnir: Fortnite Mjolnir Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Mjolnir Thor's Hammer

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Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 8
Reward: Mjolnir harvesting tool

  • Prove your worth by picking up Mjolnir as Thor

A nice and easy start to these challenges, as you just need to head to the Fortnite Mjolnir location to pick up Thor's hammer and add it to your locker. You must have the Thor outfit equipped when you collect it, and only Thor can use it as a harvesting tool – anyone else will just display the standard pickaxe instead.

Fortnite Thor Awakening Challenges

Thor: Fortnite Thor Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Thor Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 15
Reward: God of Thunder built-in emote

  • Stage 1 of 3 - Visit Bifrost marks as Thor
  • Stage 2 of 3 - Deal Damage to Opponents Using Mjolnir as Thor (100)
  • Stage 3 of 3 - Emote as Thor at Mountain Top Ruins

You'll need to have the Thor outfit equipped for all of these challenges, so make sure that's set before you start. Your first port of call should then be the Fortnite Bifrost marks, which are found near the Fortnite Sentinel Graveyard towards the centre of the map. Then, grab Thor's hammer (which you should have unlocked earlier) and dish out some melee damage to opponents – either follow another player down from the battle bus or hit Team Rumble to make this easier. Finally, make your way to the Fortnite Mountain Top Ruins south of Misty Meadows on Mount F8 and emote to complete this set.

Fortnite Jennifer Walters Awakening Challenges

She-Hulk: Fortnite Jennifer Walters Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Jennifer Walters Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 29
Reward: Gamma Overload built-in emote

  • Stage 1 of 3 - Visit Jennifer Walters' office as Jennifer Walters
  • Stage 2 of 3 - Eliminate Doctor Doom's henchmen as Jennifer Walters (3)
  • Stage 3 of 3 - Emote as Jennifer Walters after smashing Vases

With the Jennifer Walters outfit equipped, make your way to the northwest corner of Retail Row, where you'll find Fortnite Jennifer Walters' office marked with a large sign outside. Next, head to Doom's Domain (where Pleasant Park used to be) and eliminate three of Doctor Doom's Henchmen – you'll find plenty of them in the base under the football pitch, as well as patrolling the area. Lastly, go to Camp Cod, on the small island off the southeast coast, then head to the house in the southwest corner. Smash some of the many Fortnite vases found inside the building, then emote to finish this list.

Fortnite Groot Awakening Challenges

Groot: Fortnite Groot Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Groot Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 46
Reward: Battle Brother built-in emote

  • Rescue Sapling Groot from Holly Hedges Nursery
  • Stage 1 of 2 - Plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as Groot
  • Stage 2 of 2 - Emote as Groot at a Friendship monument

There are two initial challenges to complete while donning the Groot outfit, plus a third that unlocks as you progress. To rescue Fortnite Sapling Groot, head to the centre of Holly Hedges and the outdoor plant store, then look in the middle of a group of three potted plants to find them. The Fortnite heart-shaped island is found off the west coast between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges, where you'll see a mound of dirt to interact with and plant a seed. Finally, go to the group of trees on the hill northwest of Sweaty Sands where you'll find the Fortnite Friendship monument (which you may recognise as previous landmarks Hayman and Pipeman), then emote to finish up.

Fortnite Storm Awakening Challenges

Storm: Fortnite Storm Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Storm Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 60
Reward: Gale Force built-in emote

  • Stage 1 of 3 - Visit the Weather Station as Storm
  • Stage 2 of 3 - Ride the Steamy Stacks in the storm as Storm
  • Stage 3 of 3 - Emote as Storm at the center of the eye of the storm

Once you're using the Storm outfit, start by making your way to the Fortnite Weather Station which is the group of buildings up the mountain south of Catty Corner. Next, you need to go to Steamy Stacks after the circle has begun closing and it's inside the storm, then ride the updraft inside one of the stacks. To finish, you have to go to the central point of the current eye of the storm (ie the circle on the map), where you'll find a hovering lightning icon – Team Rumble makes this easier, as the first circle is quite small so it's simple to pinpoint the middle. Emote near this purple marker and you're done. 

Fortnite Doctor Doom Awakening Challenges

Doctor Doom: Fortnite Doctor Doom Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Doctor Doom Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 74
Reward: Victory Von Doom built-in emote

  • Stage 1 of 3 - Visit Doctor Doom's statue as Doctor Doom
  • Stage 2 of 3 - Visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom
  • Stage 3 of 3 - Emote as Doctor Doom during a Victory Royale

Suitably outfitted as the imposing Doctor Doom, your first destination is Doom's Domain (formerly Pleasant Park) where you'll see Fortnite Doctor Doom's statue right in the middle of the named location. To find a giant throne, head to the small mountain directly southeast of Retail Row, where a massive seat is carved into the north-facing side. Wrapping things up by emoting during a Victory Royale is not quite as tough as it sounds, thanks to the fact you can achieve this in Team Rumble mode, so as long as you end up on the winning side you just need to hit that emote button when the victory screen appears.

Fortnite Mystique Awakening Challenges

Mystique: Fortnite Mystique Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Mystique Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 86
Reward: Shapeshifter built-in emote

  • Stage 1 of 3 - Use a Phone Booth as Mystique
  • Stage 2 of 3 - Deal damage with different rarity pistols as Mystique (3)
  • Stage 3 of 3 - Emote as Mystique after eliminating an opponent

With the outfit of the disguise master equipped, you need to head to Doom's Domain once again, where you'll find several Phone Booths around the outskirts and one in the middle near the statue. Dealing damage with three different rarities of pistol takes a bit more work, but remember that there are five rarities in total and you can upgrade them at weapon benches – Team Rumble will give you the best chance of amassing different pistols and dealing damage without losing them. Finally, eliminate an opponent then emote to take on their appearance, which again is most easily accomplished in Team Rumble.

Fortnite Tony Stark Awakening Challenges

Iron Man: Fortnite Tony Stark Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Tony Stark Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: Battle Pass Level 100
Reward: Suit Up built-in emote

  • Stage 1 of 3 - Reach 88 on the speedometer in a Whiplash as Tony Stark
  • Stage 2 of 3 - Use an Upgrade Bench as Tony Stark
  • Stage 3 of 3 - Emote as Tony Stark in the Stark Workshop

With your Tony Stark outfit applied, you first need to find a Fortnite Whiplash – the sportiest looking of the Fortnite cars – then get the speedometer above 88. You'll often find one in the northwest corner of Sweaty Sands, which also features a long straight road to get your speed up before boosting to hit that target number. Next, find one of the Fortnite weapon upgrade benches to use, which you can see through walls as a circle icon when you're close to one. In Team Rumble you get a much greater supply of materials, which makes upgrading a weapon easier in that mode. To finish off, the Fortnite Stark Workshop is a red barn situated southwest of Stark Industries and east of The Authority, so get in there and emote to Suit Up and finish this final challenge.

Fortnite Wolverine Awakening Challenges

Wolverine: Fortnite Wolverine Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Wolverine Awakening challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlocks at: All Fortnite Wolverine challenges completed
Reward: Snikt! built-in emote

  • Emote as Wolverine

Unlike the other Fortnite Awakening challenges, Wolverine's is not tied to the battle pass and is instead revealed once you've completed all of his specific challenges. When they're done, simply emote as Wolverine and you'll replace your harvesting tool with Wolverine's claws. Handy!

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