Fortnite Heart-shaped Island location: Where to plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as Groot

Fortnite Heart-shaped Island
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If you're trying to find the Fortnite heart-shaped island location, then you're no doubt working your way through the Fortnite Awakening challenges for Groot and have already rescued your little pal Fortnite Sapling Groot from the nursery. To get the ball rolling on this next step, the assignment you're given is:

  • Stage 1 of 2 - Plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as Groot

The Fortnite heart-shaped island isn't considered a landmark, so it's a location that may not be obvious to you – if you can even find it in Fortnite at all, but we'll have more on that later. We've tried to make things as simple as possible, so if you're searching for somewhere to plant a seed as Groot then here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite heart-shaped island location.

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Fortnite Heart-shaped Island location

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite heart-shaped island is found off the west coast of the map between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges, and is right next to the Fancy View landmark. There's a set of three small islands here, and the southmost of them is in the shape of a heart. Land there as Groot and look for a bare patch of earth, which will give you a Plant Seed prompt as you approach it. Interact with it and you'll plant a seed on a Fortnite heart-shaped island, opening up the final stage of Groot's Awakening challenge at the Fortnite Friendship monument.

Important Note: At the time of writing, the Fortnite team were investigating an issue (opens in new tab) that has resulted in the Fortnite heart-shaped island being missing from the map. According to their report, "The Heart Island, part of Groot’s Awakening challenge, is missing on the map. We will be auto-completing this challenge for players until the island returns in a future update." Therefore, if the island isn't in the location we've marked above then the challenge should be automatically cleared for you, which means this glitch shouldn't prevent your progress.

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