Fortnite Spray Cans locations - where to collect spray cans from warehouses in Dirty Docks or garages in Pleasant Park

Fortnite spray cans locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite spray cans can be collected from warehouses in Dirty Docks or garages in Pleasant Park, to help Abstrakt complete his latest mural. He says it looks like a trap, but you're going to need those cans if you want to complete this stage of the Fortnite Week 2 quests so you'd better get in and out quickly. As always it pays to know what you're looking for in Fortnite, so make sure you're searching for the white cans with the red SPRAY labels as pictured above, as there are other random scenery items dotted around the ground that look like spray cans but won't count.

The other thing to note is that although there are four Fortnite spray cans at Dirty Docks and at Pleasant Park, you only need to collect two in total – which means you're able to complete this quest at either point of interest without having to travel to both of them. If you're ready to make some art, then these are all of the Fortnite spray cans locations from warehouses in Dirty Docks or garages in Pleasant Park.

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Fortnite Spray Cans locations from warehouses in Dirty Docks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To kick things off, there are four Fortnite spray cans locations from warehouses in Dirty Docks, so you can easily wrap up this quest in the one location. Being in warehouses gives you a bit of a wider area to search, so here are some more detailed descriptions of where you need to look:

  1. In the middle of the warehouse, under some orange metal shelves just off the chequered floor tiles by the support pillars
  2. Near the large open entrance, next to a long box on its end and some orange metal shelves
  3. Near the small back door, under the single section of yellow metal shelves by a small wooden box
  4. On the ground floor under the stairs between two wooden crates

Fortnite Spray Cans locations from garages in Pleasant Park

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are an additional four Fortnite spray cans locations from garages in Pleasant Park, giving you another location to clear this quest in. The smaller garages make it somewhat easier to hone in on these items, but if you need further information then this is where you can spot them:

  1. Next to the blue metal shelves opposite the door into the main house
  2. To the rear of the garage next to a red tool trolley
  3. Against the outside wall in this otherwise empty garage
  4. Next to a red tool trolley opposite the washing machine

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