How to find and tame Fortnite raptors roaming the map

Fortnite raptors being ridden through the jungle in Chapter 4 Season 3
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Fortnite raptors are back with Chapter 4 Season 3 and you'll find them patrolling the newly uncovered jungle zone in the middle of the island. While they might be quite dangerous, you can at least tame them if you've got a gentle touch and some nice food. Successfully get a raptor on your side, and you'll be able to ride it into battle at great speeds - perfect for charging down unsuspecting Fortnite foes or fleeing a fight. Here's what you need to know about Fortnite raptors, including where to find these dinos and how to tame and ride them.

How to find Fortnite raptors

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We've marked a number of Fortnite raptors spawn locations that have been discovered on the map above. As you can see, they're mostly around the jungle area running from Shady Stilts in the north to Rumble Ruins in the center. There's a certain random element to where the Fortnite dinosaurs will appear, especially as they roam around the island, although egg clutches are usually a good place to start in case the hatched raptors are nearby. Keep an eye out for a pair of Fortnite raptors as they often roam together, so if you do find one there'll likely be another close behind.

How to tame Fortnite raptors

Fortnite riding raptor through jungle ruins

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To tame a Fortnite raptor, you no longer need to use raw meat or fish from your inventory to throw for them to eat, as you can simply jump onto the back of a Fortnite dinosaur to automatically tame it and start riding it around. Alternatively, if you're fortunate enough to find a clutch of eggs with one still unbroken, you can break the egg and the raptor that pops up will be automatically tamed. It's your new baby now so take care of it! In fact, if you get killed, your tamed raptor will attempt to avenge you.

Fortnite raptors hatching egg in the jungle

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However, if your attempt to tame a Fortnite raptor goes wrong, make sure you've got a shotgun or another powerful weapon equipped to blast them in the face when they attack.

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