Where to find Fortnite Boars and how to ride them

Fortnite Boars
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Fortnite boars can be found all over the place on the island, as they're by far the most common wildlife currently featured in the battle royale. Hop on their back and you can ride them around, which allows you to deal damage to opponents while riding a boar by firing your weapons, though you also have the option to headbutt an opponent by charging into them. These porkers may not be as aggressive as the Fortnite wolves, but you shouldn't underestimate them as they can still dish out damage if you don't take care when they're nearby. Boars are much easier to tame these days, so now is your chance to gain a hog sidekick in Fortnite to accompany you on your adventures. Follow our guidance, and you'll soon know how to find and ride Fortnite boars.

Fortnite Boars locations

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We've marked the various Fortnite boars locations on the map above where they've been spotted, and as you can see there are plenty of them to go around! Bear in mind that these aren't set in stone as they tend to roam around while each match proceeds, but with so many options available you're never too far away from a boar in Fortnite – listen out for their grunting and snuffling sounds to zero in on their position.

How to headbutt an opponent while riding a Fortnite Boar

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There was a time when you'd have to put in some groundwork before you could ride a boar in Fortnite, by feeding it to make it tame or dressing up in a special hunting cloak so you could approach undetected. The whole process is a lot simpler now, so all you need to do is jump on the back of the boar and you'll automatically start riding it, taming it in the process so it won't attack you after you dismount. To headbutt an opponent while riding a boar, approach them while on your mount then sprint into them and they'll automatically get butted.

How to perform an aerial 360 spin while dismounting a Boar in Fortnite

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Performing an aerial 360 spin while dismounting a boar isn't as tricky as it sounds, as it's simply a case of holding the right stick to one side so the camera is rotating around then doing a double jump to hop off in mid-air. If done correctly you'll immediately launch into an aerial 360 spin, then it's just a case of completing a full turn before you land. If you're having trouble with that, make your leap off the side of a hill or ramp to allow extra falling time to complete your rotation.

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