Travel between Porta-Potties in Fortnite with these locations

Fortnite porta-potty locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you want to travel between Porta-Potties for the Fortnite Week 3 quests we can help you find them. Quick and easy. You can find all the weekly quests by clicking ‘view quests’ in your main menu (under the ‘play’ tab). Here you'll see "Travel between Porta-Potties (1)" to tick off which mean finding a fast travel porta-potty. 

This quest is simple: just find a porta-potty and go inside. You will teleport to the location of the porta-potty on the other side of the tunnel, and the quest is completed. Make sure you find a porta-potty that actually has a tunnel though! Some Fortnite potties are nothing more than a hiding place and entering one of those will not help you complete this weekly quest.

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Fortnite Porta-Potties location map

Fortnite porta-potty locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

So, where are the Fortnite  Porta-Potties locations? It can take a long time to find a Porta-Potty tunnel by yourself, so take a look at this map instead. As you can see, the best area to find Fortnite Porta-Potties is Coral Castle in the northwest, but Corny Complex and Catty Corner will work as well. Note that the westernmost Porta-Potties location in Coral Castle actually has two Porta-Potties: the one on the east takes you to the Porta-Potties in the north, and the other one is connected to the Porta-Potties to the east.

Once you reach one of the circled locations, just look around for the blue-and-white portable toilets. All of them are somewhere out in the open. Thanks to their colors and size, you won’t have much trouble spotting them once you’re in the right location.

That’s one more Fortnite week 3 quest you can check off the list!

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