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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

• Actor William Windom has died at the age of 88. Known for his role in Murder, She Wrote , Windom became known to sci-fi fans for his role in the Star Trek episode “The Doomsday Machine”. He also appeared in several episodes of The Twilight Zone and was the voice of Uncle Chuck in the animated TV version of Sonic The Hedgehog in the 1990s.

• Lindy Booth is in talks to play Night Bitch in Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall . She has already appeared in a number of Wadlow’s works such as Cry_Wolf and most recently Behind The Wall . She would join returning cast stars Aaron Johnson and Chloë Moretz, as well as newcomers Donald Faison and John Leguizamo.

• Kat Dennings will be returning to her role as Darcy Lewis in the new Thor movie Thor: The Dark World . Although we can’t say how her research assistant will be involved this time round, we do know she’ll have an expanded role in the sequel.

• Casting news from the land of The Walking Dead , Dallas Roberts will be joining the cast to play new character Milton . He will be one of the residents of the governor ruled community of Woodbury.

The Huntress is cast in the CW’s Arrow . Bringing more of the comics into the live action show, Australian Actress Jessica De Gouw will provide a potential love interest for the show’s namesake vigilante Green Arrow. She is expected to appear in episode six.

Danielle Cleeland