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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Men In Black III , Horizons , The Dark Tower , The Martian Chronicles , The Crow , Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter , Odd Thomas , The Dark Knight Rises

New Writer Joins Dark Tower Team
Smallville , Heroes and Battlestar Galactica scripter Mark Verheiden has joined Akiva Goldsman as co-writer on the mammoth project to bring Stephen King’s fantasy series The Dark Tower to both the big and the small screen, reports Deadline . Currently the plan is have three films, plus a television series that would initially run between the films, then carry on indefinitely afterwards. Casting is still underway for the epically-scaled adaptation with Javier Bardem still said to be “locked in psychologically” for the part of the Gunslinger, Roland Deschain.

Horizons May Have Found A New Home
Horizons , the sci-fi thriller from director Joseph ( Tron: Legacy ) Kosinski, that began life at Disney may have found a new home at Universal, reckons The Hollywood Reporter . Disney passed on the project because Kosinski wanted to keep the film more hard-edged than suited the Mouse House’s tastes, but allowed him to shop the script around other studios. And it appears having Tom Cruise tentatively attached as a star helps smooth a deal.

Josh Brolin Does Tommy Lee Jones Impression
The Mail Online has posted a set of photos from the Men In Black III shoot showing Josh Brolin as Will Smith’s new partner. Click on the photo to see more.