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Seven Souls Online closed beta key giveaway
GamesRadar is pleased to bring you into the beta for Seven Souls Online, an MMORPG in which East meets West with elements of fantasy and science-fiction. Featuring fast-paced, bloody and brutal combat, Seven Souls Online will put players’ combat skills to the ultimate test.

Seven Souls Online takes place in the world of Akkadia, a land divided by two moons and two continents. Babylon, one of Akkadia’s moons, was destroyed in a failed mana experiment, which wiped out all but a few of the moon’s technologically advanced inhabitants. The destruction changed the currents of Akkadia, revealing a passageway between the two continents, uniting the East and West for the first time. The continents are now locked in a power struggle over the wreckage of manatech weapons from Babylon. To make matters worse, the remaining Babylonians are searching to wield the mana of Akkadia for their own use. Akkadia awaits a hero to protect them from suffering the same fate as Babylon.

How to redeem your key
1. Register at the Seven Souls Website.
2. Login
3. Click “apply for beta”
4. Enter code!

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