Following in Nier Automata's footsteps, Stellar Blade will "absolutely" crossover with the gacha game built specifically to stare at butt jiggles

Stellar Blade
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Stellar Blade is rolling out across the world today, but launch certainly isn't the end since its director has teased a crossover between the hack-n-slashin' action game and the studio's previous gacha release, best known for its - checks notes - butt-jiggling physics. 

Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung-tae, when asked about potential collaborations during an interview with GamerBraves, said we can "absolutely" expect a crossover with the free-to-play gacha game Goddess of Victory: Nikke, which was also developed by studio Shift Up. 

"At the right timing, we will be presenting a very high-quality crossover collaboration between the two," Hyung-tae continues, "so it's something that you can definitely look forward to." There's no word on whether the crossover event will take place in Stellar Blade, Nikke, or both - but a crossover is coming all the same. 

Goddess of Victory: Nikke, for those of you who are blissfully unaware, makes itself extra marketable with a peculiar focus on the character's backsides and, err, the way everything wobbles mid-animation. Nier Automata's 2B even joined the game to make its selling point even clearer, and since the Stellar Blade team also paid "special attention" to protagonist Eve's posterior, I wouldn't be surprised to see her join the battle either.  

Our Stellar Blade review called the action RPG "more ambitious and varied than expected" with bombastic boss battles and production values that only a butt-jiggling, gacha-driven game studio could afford. But the game's "forced sex appeal" also hurts its story, even if it provides Stellar Blade with its most marketable asset. 

Stellar Blade director previously joked the game was “the outcome of my creative dictatorship.”

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