The best Nintendo Switch accessories


One of the best things about the Nintendo Switch, bar the games and the effortless shift between console and handheld gaming, is the fact it's so easy to accessorise. Whether you're looking at cases, additional Joy-Cons, a pro controller or even something a little more niche, there are plenty of fantastic Switch accessories to splash out on. 

Pamper your Switch, protect it and pimp it, with all the best Switch accessories money can buy - and some great deals on them all too. There are stacks of Switch accessories out there to make your life a little bit easier. Whether you're looking for a way to solve Nintendo's backwards voice chat technology, a set of fancy new headphones to take in the lovely sounds of Super Mario Odyssey, or simply another charging cable to use on the go, we've got you covered.

Here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories available to buy right now: 

Mumba Nintendo Switch case

Most Nintendo Switch cases focus solely on protecting your console at all costs. While Mumba's premium version certainly succeeds in that criteria (boasting a shock and scratch-resistant polycarbonate cover), it's also one of the few which caters just as effectively to user accessibility. 

Instead of locking your Switch away in some hefty bag or protector, Mumba has created something which allows you to keep playing your Switch in comfort, all while it's being kept safe from any bumps or bruises. Think of it as a giant phone case, albeit one which protects your ability to explore Hyrule rather than your addiction to Candy Crush.

Splatoon 2 Pro Controller 

And you thought the Pro Controller looked better in black. Unless you're Batman, this lovely Splatoon 2 offering will definitely appeal. It's currently only available to pre-order for launch on September 8 but just look how colourful it is. With one side pink and one side green, this is the most edible looking Switch accessory yet and you can even get Joy-Cons to match. Just the same as the standard version, the Pro Controller has motion controls, HD rumble and built in amiibo technology ready to go. 

Joy-Con Controller Armour Guards 

You can only buy a few set colours of Joy-Cons at the moment so these Armour Guards add an extra layer of personalisation as well as protection. The slight downside is that you don't know what colour you'll get as each pack has a set of black guards and a set of a random colour. They'll always match your Switch though as red, blue, and yellow are all up for grabs. On top of the full guards for each Joy-Con, you'll also get two thumb stick caps of each colour.

Joy-Con Wheel Pair

You want these for one reason and one reason only. Mario Kart 8. You've got the need for speed and while it would be fine just to have a Joy-Con, why miss out on having an actual wheel to play with? There's no controllers in this box. Instead you just get two adorable plastic wheels, complete with easily accessible SL and SR buttons ideal for drifting around corners. The triggers feel pleasantly bouncy and there's a Nintendo Switch logo on the rear. Start your engines. 

Joy-Con Pair

There are already two of these in the box to clip to your Switch, but lets face it, you're going to want more and they come in different colours! While you can hand one Joy-Con to a friend for multiplayer action, having two will make a massive difference to your experience, and this means you can even enlist two more friends for some four-player action. Overcooked for four anyone? Just promise there will be no physical violence over chopping onions. 

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 

The Joy-Cons are great on the side of your screen when you're playing on the sofa, but pop your games on the big screen and chances are you're going to want a more solid gamepad to while away the hours. Step in the Pro Controller. Pleasingly solid and with an inset right thumb stick for comfort, this hefty peripheral is an excellent addition to your accessory line up for when the Joy-Con grip just won't cut the Nintendo-flavoured mustard. 

8bitdo SN30 Pro controller

Based on the iconic SNES gamepad, if you want a pro controller with retro chic aesthetics, then the 8bitdo SN30 Pro is a fantastic option. The manufacturer recently re-released the little peripheral to make it utterly Switch compatible, complete with dual analog sticks, a Home button and a screenshot button for all your gameplay needs. Sculpted buttons mean the dinky little pad fits neatly into your hand, and feels like an official controller. Of course, it's wireless too, so you can still enjoy big-screen gaming without feeling tethered. It's a must for long-term Nintendo fans looking to bring nostalgia to Ninty's latest console. 

8bitdo F30 controller

But if you want to go really retro, then the 8bitdo F30 gamepad is not only cheaper, but based on the Famicon pad in all its gold and burgundy glory. It might not have all the necessary buttons - you have to improvise a bit for the home button, and even power - but there's no getting away from the fact it's utterly charming. Several members of the GR+ office actually cooed over its little form and stunning aesthetics when I was messing around with it. It's deliciously retro and affordable to boot.

SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSD

Look, sooner or later, your Nintendo Switch is going to run out of memory. I'm sorry, but when games like L.A. Noire are almost 30GB in size, it's an inevitability. Thankfully, Nintendo has built a flexible SD card storage into the console, so the game's internal storage limitations can be worked around if you're willing to spend a little more cash. 

SanDisk's micro SD cards offer the best value for money: small in size, high in space storage, and relatively affordable for the committed player. Now you won't have to worry about deleting Breath of the Wild just to make room for the next big Switch game on the horizon. For more storage options, check out our best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards

Joy-Con Charging Grip

The Joy-Con Grip in the box might be great at making your Joy-Cons look like an adorable dog when you slide them in, but what it doesn't do is charge your precious controllers. For that you'll need the aptly named Charging Grip so you can send precious electricity into your pads while you play. It's definitely worth the price of admission to make sure the Joy-Cons are ready to slide onto the Switch screen and head out the door with you. 

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth

It's fair to say that Nintendo's official options for voice chat on the Switch so far haven't exactly been... ideal for online play, with a convoluted system requiring your phone, the GamePad, and many, many wires. SteelSeries is here to make up for where Nintendo is currently failing.  

The company's new Arctis headset uses Bluetooth to do away with all those physical complications by connecting to your phone wirelessly, meaning the only thing it needs to be plugged into is the Switch GamePad itself. Whether you want to just listen to podcasts or actually talk to your friends, you'll be doing some serious multi-tasking. It's still not a perfect method compared to socialising on other consoles, but the Arctis 3 is currently a far superior alternative to Nintendo's ongoing voice chat malarkey. 

Nintendo Joy-Con Controller Strap

Your base Nintendo Switch only comes packed with a black controller strap, but Nintendo is separately selling different coloured ones for those who want to straps to match with their blue and red Joy-Cons. Personalization aside, these are also worth having for the extra protection, especially if you regularly use your Switch with a friend who's known for their butter fingers. 

The downside is that Nintendo is only selling a single strap per pack, which is a bit stingy considering most interested parties will want at least two (one for each Joy-Con). Still, these small but handy accessories are certainly nice to have if you're willing to get past the unwelcome price tag. 

Cable Matters USB Type C cable 

Instead of using its own proprietary tech, Ninty has thankfully opted to use USB C for charging, making it far easier to find wires you can actually use. This USB Type C cable is cheap, cheerful and means if you're on the go with a standard USB charging plug, you can just wire in wherever you want and not have to worry about anything battery-related coming between you and the other side of Hyrule. 

Nintendo Switch AC Adaptor 

So the Nintendo Switch only comes with one of these bad boys in the box but you'll probably want to leave that AC adapter plugged into your dock at home (yes, we know exactly what that mess of wires looks like down the back of your TV). When you're out and about though, that battery is going to start to plummet, so if you don't normally carry a USB plug around for your phone and just want the USB C cable on its own, this is probably a good shout to get your electric juice on when you're on the train. 

Nintendo Switch LAN Adaptor 

We may not need wires for speedy online play in the future, but we're not there yet. If you want a faster internet connection, or your wireless just isn't doing the business, this USB to ethernet port adaptor lets you plug straight in for faster downloads and multiplayer. It's worth noting that this is only for use when the Switch is in its dock, which has a USB port alongside  the power and HDMI out ports,so no wiring in when you're on the go. 

Orzly Screen Protector

The Nintendo Switch's built-in screen allows for some truly breathtaking visuals - but none of that matters if it gets all scuffed and scratched after normal, everyday use. If you're looking for some added insurance to help keep your screen as pristine as the day you got it, pick up a screen protector. They're cheap, easy to apply, and will keep your Switch looking nice no matter how often you slide your fingers across it. Just take your time applying it and you'll be bubble and scratch free. 

HORI Compact Playstand 

The Nintendo Switch's kickstand is handy in a pinch, but it's not perfect; it's only got the one viewing angle, and when in use, the Switch's charging port is completely blocked. Enter the Playstand: this inexpensive bit of plastic holds your Switch in place, allows for multiple viewing angles, and gives you plenty of clearance so you can plug in your charger. It even folds up nice and flat so you can chuck it into a bag and bring it with you. 

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger 

The Nintendo Switch gets anywhere from 2.5 to six hours of battery life. It's not too shabby for a portable capable of playing a game like Breath of the Wild, but there's a good chance that it'll run out of charge mid-flight unless you're packing some kind of portable battery pack. You have to make sure you get the right one though - if you pick up anything with an output lower than 5V 3A, your Switch will continue to lose charge even if it's plugged in. Charging from a battery pack will definitely be slower than simply plugging your handheld into a wall or dock, but if you've got no other alternatives, this portable charger from Anker should do nicely in a pinch. Handy for your iPhone too. 

Snakebyte Switch Starter Kit

A case should be the first thing on your Nintendo Switch shopping list if you don't want to carry your brand new console around in a sock (like I was). This little set from Snakebyte is a brilliant budget starter kit and comes with a slick hard zip case (complete with elastic straps to keep it extra safe), a screen protector and even a nice big cleaning cloth. There's a set of in ear headphones too but think airplane level and you won't be disappointed. Also in the box are two controller grips and a bonus hard case for games. Budget wise it's hard to beat this all in one starter kit. 

Game card case

If you're not going fully digital, you're going to have to buy physical cartridges, and they're tiny. To prevent loss - or carrying around those frankly ridiculously huge game boxes -  you should probably consider picking up this game card case. It stores up to 24 individual games into its thin, plastic shell, and even gives you space to store a few MicroSD memory cards, in case your digital library overflows as much as your physical one.

Nintendo Switch car charger

The Nintendo Switch's battery will last you anywhere from two-and-a-half to six hours, depending on whether you're playing a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or simply staring at the Home screen with the brightness turned all the way down. Either way, you'll likely need a charge if you're trucking this thing with you on a long road trip, and this car charger will do the job nicely. The two meter cable should be long enough to reach you all the way in the back seat, too. 

Orzly Hard Carry case

The Switch is billed as a portable device, but it's also much more delicate compared to the likes of the 3DS, so there's a good chance you're going to want to buy a case to protect everything. This one from Orzly is a good choice, giving you plenty of space to store your system along with a pouch to stash an AC adapter, additional controllers, or a game case or two. Throw your system in here, zip it up, stash it in a bag or carry it with you, and you're set.

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