The best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch (September 2018)

sd cards for nintendo switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch, well, you're definitely going to need more storage. The console itself only comes with 32GB of memory, so you'll need a micro SD card for Nintendo Switch to actually have the space to download games and any other media you want to pop on there. Thankfully, SD cards are pretty cheap these days, and you can get anywhere between 64GB and 512GB for relatively decent prices.

If you only use the Switch occasionally, and don't download many games, then the 64GB models are ideal for you - they'll store about five to ten games, and offer enough space for save files etc. If you're a more active gamer, you'll need to get a bigger Micro SD card for your Switch, so we'd recommend grabbing a 128GB or even 200GB model to make sure you have enough space for the next few years of use. It's easy enough to take the card out of the console and pop another one in, but it isn't something you'll want to do all the time, so having all your games in one place is a good idea. Once you're all set-up with a micro SD card for Nintendo Switch, you may need other accessories. Here's our guide to the best Switch cases, if you need it.

The best Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch on a budget

sd cards for nintendo switch

Want a solid amount of Switch storage while still remaining in the ‘impulse purchase’ price bracket? You’ll want to check out this 64GB beauty. It’ll take a respectable amount of games before filling up, adding double the Switch’s onboard 32GB capacity for a total of triple what you get straight out of the box. That likely won’t last forever, without intermittent deleting install management, but at the same time, it won’t cost you must at all to get started and you'll still get all the current best Nintendo Switch games on there.

The all-round best Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch

sd cards for nintendo switch

Hitting the ‘Goldilocks window’ for Micro SD cards (being more than big enough for most game storage needs, but not excessively so, at a price that’s entirely fair), the 200GB SDXC will evaporate all your storage worries for a good, long time, without breaking the bank. For the price of roughly one AAA Nintendo Switch game, you’ll get a home for dozens and dozens more – you could fit Super Mario Odyssey on this thing 33 times. If you’re not on a particularly tight budget, and want a robust Micro SD card that still won’t cost the Earth, this is the one to go for. 

The best, ultra-high capacity Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch

sd cards for nintendo switch

If you want a ludicrous amount of space with money no object? This nonsensical beast is the Micro SD card for you. Sporting half a terabyte of storage space (that’s 85 Super Mario Odysseys, ie. Forget about Nintendo Switch storage for the rest of your life), it’s near guaranteed to be the last card you’ll ever buy for your console. It's more than enough to store many of the upcoming Switch games for 2018 and beyond.

The official Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch

sd cards for nintendo switch

If you want to go for the officially licensed options, these are those. Coming in 64 and 128 GB flavours (don’t lick them, they both taste the same really, and not very good), they also have Link (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild edition) and Mario (from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) on the box, respectively. Also a Switch logo on the cards themselves. So that’s nice. You will pay a price for that branding though, as these two come in a little more expensive than equivalently sized SanDisk cards without the Nintendo bells and whistles.

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