The best Nintendo Switch cases (June 2018)

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You're here because you're looking for the best Nintendo Switch cases you can find. Because you know that your new Switch needs to be protected as you travel with it. Not just protected - protected in style! And you need somewhere to store all those great Switch games you've bought. Thankfully, you've come to the right place, as we've got the best Nintendo Switch cases at the lowest prices on the net.

There are literally thousands of Nintendo Switch cases, so we've included all the official ones - which tend to be the most functional - along with a selection of cool third-party cases, which either specialize in protecting your Switch, making it look great, or both. In fact, most do both - it's just that some are more geared towards toughness than style. Look, you've invested in a new Nintendo Switch bundle and you want to keep your console nice. All these cases let you store the Switch itself, and most have room for several of the best Nintendo Switch games and even some SD cards for Nintendo Switch. Some cases are even big enough to store cables and extra Joy-Cons too.

nintendo switch cases

Official Nintendo Switch accessory kit

This is the official Nintendo Switch carry case kit. Sure it costs a little more than some of the other options, but at least you know you're getting a quality-made product approved by Nintendo - it's arguably the best Nintendo Switch case out there. It comes with a screen protector and space to store the console, two Joy-Cons and five game cards. The black case is the standard version, but we've also spotted a red Super Mario Odyssey edition, although that one's a bit rare nowadays and increasingly expensive.

best nintendo switch case

Mumba Nintendo Switch case

This tough protective case upgrades the armour rating of your Nintendo Switch in portable mode and has plenty of grip to ensure it doesn't slip out of your hands. If your Switch is played in handheld more often than on TV, this is a great option. It's worth noting though that you need to remove this case to put the console back in the dock for TV play and there's no screen protection if dropped face down beyond the protruding analogue sticks. We'd combine this with a zip up carry case (like the one below) to keep the screen free from accidental scratches. Available in multiple colours.

best nintendo switch carry case

Orzly Nintendo Switch carry case

This case is larger than the official Nintendo one we mentioned earlier, meaning you can also fit in extra cables or another pair of Joy-Cons for some four-player action out in the wilds. A neat internal flap covers the screen ensuring the case's other contents don't scratch the screen. We also like how it's big enough to put the Switch in with a cover like the Mumba armor mentioned earlier in this article. Available in multiple colours.

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