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Best Nintendo Switch chargers

Nintendo Switch chargers
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The best Nintendo Switch chargers are pretty important if you’ll be gaming on the go; they help sidestep disasters of a battery-related variety while you’re out and about. Got a long journey and little to do other than playing on your Switch? These handy pieces of kit will give you a bonus charge to make sure your console doesn’t run out of juice mid-way through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or a Super Mario Odyssey level. As a result, they rank highly on any list of helpful Nintendo Switch accessories. We’ve gathered our favourites here to get you started, and you’ll also find a bargain or two to go with them (we’re nice like that).

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Broadly speaking, the Nintendo Switch chargers you want to keep an eye out for are the rechargeable kind. Although you can also get everything from a standard car charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of your dashboard to stands that keep your system powered while in use, rechargeable cores offer up to 10 glorious hours of bonus play time. Better still, you can usually use these bundles of technical wizardry to charge other devices as well (such as the best gaming phone or the best gaming tablet, for example). This arguably gives you the best value for money overall, and that’s more important than ever nowadays. With that in mind, you’ll find the brands we’d recommend below.

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Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

Nintendo Switch charger


Ideal for anyone serious about keeping their Nintendo Switch charged in a way that’s convenient and unobtrusive, the PowerCore 13400 is an officially licensed power bank that can keep your session going for up to 10 hours longer. Much like Nintendo’s partnership deal with Sandisk, picking this up will give you a strong vote of confidence thanks to Mario and Nintendo’s official branding being plastered all over the packaging. It’s a power bank that’s been specifically optimized for Nintendo’s hybrid console, and as such comes with a small cloth pouch that means its easy to store – even in some of the larger Nintendo Switch cases out there. 

In terms of the actual act of charging itself, the PowerCore 13400 is simple to use once you initially get your head around it. Pressing the button on the front of the device indicates the amount of charge currently stored within it, with 100% being easily reached in just a little over three hours if using your original AC wall adaptor. Once fully juiced you just plug it into your Nintendo Switch via the USB PD port, and you’re able to continue playing portably as it charges your console.

Official Nintendo Switch charging stand cradle

Nintendo Switch charger


Sticking with reliable ways to charge your Switch using officially designed Nintendo products, this charging stand cradle acts as one of the best ways to charge your device without ever losing perspective during a heated match of Splatoon 2’s Turf War and the like. It’s a simple cradle that allows your Nintendo Switch to charge while you continue playing in tabletop mode, letting you play for longer at a prime viewing angle. It doesn’t even matter what environment you’re in as this bit of kit is easily adjusted.

When set up, your Nintendo Switch can be smoothly laid in the device much like the official dock, except you have the additional ability to tilt the console forward or back at an angle that’s best for you. This removes the chance of any reflective light being a disruptive annoyance when playing, and the fact that it can be jacked into using the official AC adaptor means more convenience.

Anker PowerPort Atom PD1

Nintendo Switch charger


The Atom is a tiny revolution in charging, but one that comes with a few caveats for Switch owners. While it does manage to fully recharge the console itself in record time (we measured 2hrs 20 mins for a full charge, from 0% battery) the Atom doesn’t support ‘Play and Charge’ mode while hooked up to the TV, so you can’t use it to power the console while docked, which is a real shame. As a portable charger, however, it’s far superior to Nintendo’s official model.

The Atom itself is more than half the size, and comes with a single USB-C slot to plug your Switch into, keeping the design nice and sleek and meaning it even fits into smaller Switch cases. Keep in mind that it doesn’t actually include a cable, if you’re thinking of buying, so you’ll need to make sure you already have one of those. It retails around $30 / £30 - plenty for what is essentially a posh plug but, if you’re looking for the best, most portable solution to mains charging your Switch, this is it.

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10000mAh Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch chargers


Allowing for simultaneous high-speed charging and recharging, the Travel Backup Battery Pack for Nintendo Switch is a pretty smart way to keep those Mario Kart 8: Deluxe tournaments going; not least due to the detachable back mount design that allows the pack to be easily slid to detach or keep it attached to the Switch’s back. Featuring built-in over-voltage protection, this device has been specifically designed to avoid any chance of overheating – offering up to 10 hours of additional play time. 

The battery pack is a lightweight alternative to having to charge your Nintendo Switch via a wall plug or even something like the PowerCore 13400, which still needs to stay attached to the console with a cable. This obviously needs to be connected too, but it keeps your Nintendo Switch truly portable so that you can easily move around as it charges, and you continue playing. Compete with USB-C cable, padding plate, and back mount, this option is one of the best third-party charging solutions.

Antank Portable Switch Backup Battery Pack

Nintendo Switch chargers


Another power bank option that handily locks onto the back of your Nintendo Switch, for a slightly higher price than the other third-party option on this list you can have two kickstands either side and extra space to store another two game cards. Simply put, the Antank Portable Switch Backup Battery Pack doesn’t only remove the need to get to a plug to keep your console charged, but you can easily do without an additional method of game storage too. 

The kickstands of Antak’s battery pack makes playing in tabletop mode a breeze as expected, also being adjustable, as with the official Nintendo charging cradle, to secure a prime viewing angle. The pack overall offers an impressive 6500mAh of additional power overall, with its use of Li-Polymer battery extending how long you’re able to play your Nintendo Switch by several hours.

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