New Helldivers 2 Major Order makes players choose which planet to save, earning a Rocket Launcher or Anti-Tank Mines - but not both

Helldivers 2 story trailer
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Helldivers 2 has given players a rare choice with the newest Major Order, letting the community decide between saving two planets with different rewards attached to each.

"Helldivers, it's time to choose between liberating Choohe or Penta," the game's social media account announced. "Depending on your choice, you will receive either the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines or the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher." Either way, divers need to drop into Automaton territory yet again to win themselves a new stratagem. "(And you'll save the citizens. Don't forget the citizens.)"

A High Command dispatch issued in-game reveals that saving Choohe citizens will unlock a "Fortification Stratagem" - likely the Anti-Tank Mines - while rescuing people stuck on Penta will open a new "Support Weapon Stratagem" - the Rocket Launcher. 

Botdivers, Bugdivers, and Creekheads were at odds over which planets to prioritize in past Helldivers 2 Major Orders, and I can foresee similar in-fighting between players who would prefer one explosive toy over another. Maybe the community can mobilize and liberate both at exactly the same time. Who knows?

Before Helldivers even have a shot at liberating either planet, though, the community will need to forge a path through the game's hidden supply lines and free either Lesath (currently 22% liberated) or Menkent (currently 40% liberated) to gain access to the two Major Order targets. The fire-tornado-ridden Menkent might be a slightly trickier proposition since even the game's developers admitted that fire damage is "ridiculous" at the moment.

Helldivers 2's invisible supply lines and a lack of ways to mobilize players en masse have also caused players frustration in the past, specifically with the last Major Order, which the community won despite some grueling circumstances. Hopefully, diverted Super Earth forces won't interfere this time around.

Helldivers 2 devs say they don’t know whether the shooter will go bigger than four-player squads, but it “would require a lot of work.”

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