Virtua Tennis set for PSP

Somewhere below the left ventricle and to the right of the pulmonary artery there is a part of our collective heart still dedicated to Virtual Tennis. And while our Dreamcast might be resting (and rusting) in a drawer now, the thought of reliving our glory days of courting on the PSP has set our tricuspid valves pulsing all over again.

Immaculately polished, wonderful to play and perfectly balanced, the original game unfolded in a perfect curve from smiling beginner through to smugly satisfied expert, and still remains the high chalk-mark for tennis games on any console. So our hopes are already sky-rocketing now that Sega have confirmed that Virtua Tennis is set to arrive on PSP in Europe in May.

So far, any further details of the game are as rare as a Timmy Henman Grand Slam win, except that we do know that the Japanese developer is promising exactly what we were hoping for: a WiFi-powered multiplayer mode. Hurrah!

Virtua Tennis will be released for PSP in May