Fortnite Missions: What are they, how do they work, and how do you complete them?

If you're looking for help with completing any of the Fortnite Missions, the new type of challenge introduced in Fortnite Season 10, then you've come to the right place. This change to the way challenges work may seem a little confusing, especially if you're used to the old Battle Pass Challenges system, which is why we're here to explain everything. If you want to know how missions work in Fortnite, how to prestige missions in Fortnite, or find individual guides to clearing any of the individual challenges, then read on and we'll have all your Fortnite Missions needs covered.

What are Fortnite Missions?

Fortnite Season 10 image three

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To find all of the Fortnite Missions, navigate to the Challenges tab and you'll see them laid out in two horizontal rows. Each week there will be a new themed limited-time mission which replaces the old daily challenges, along with Level-Headed which is tied into your season level, Rumble Royale which can only be completed in Team Rumble, and the Battle Pass missions which are essentially the new weekly challenges.

Missions are the overall name for each set of challenges, then each objective contained within is a specific challenge. There's three challenges available in each mission, then when you complete one, it will be replaced with a different one, for a maximum of seven. Finishing them all will allow you to prestige the mission, which gives you another seven, much more difficult challenges to complete. More on that in our Fortnite Prestige guide. Read on for guides to completing specific missions and challenges.

Fortnite Rumble Royale mission

Fortnite Rumble Royale missions

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As mentioned above, the Fortnite Rumble Royale challenges can only be completed in Team Rumble, which is essentially the Team Deathmatch mode in Fortnite. Nothing in this mission is particularly tricky to know how to do, but some of them will take a few tries, especially when you get to the prestige mission.

Fortnite Road Trip mission

Fortnite Road Trip Missions

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The Fortnite Road Trip challenges will look familiar to players who completed challenges in previous seasons, because they're basically the Week 1 challenges with a new name. There's a few difficult objectives in here like destroying stop signs and visiting specific locations, so make sure you check out the complete guide to stay ahead of the challenges.

Fortnite Spray and Pray mission

Fortnite Spray and Pray challenges

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Week 2 has the Fortnite Spray and Pray challenges, which are all about graffiti and using your undoubtedly large collection of sprays. We've got a number of breakout guides to cover all of the tricky ones along with tips for completing the rest, so make sure you check them out.

Fortnite Worlds Collide mission

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Rolling in to Week 3, the Fortnite Worlds Collide challenges centre around the changing landscape on the island and the effect that Rift Zones are having. There are some items that need collecting and specific locations to visit this week, so take a look at our guide for complete coverage.

There's also the Zero Point and Level-Headed challenges, but those are really simple to complete, they'll just take a while. Keep your eyes on this page each week as we'll have links to future Fortnite Missions to help you complete them.

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