Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges: How to finish the full Chapter 2 Season 1 mission

Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge Outfit Style
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After resuming the missions last week, Epic have now gone weapons free by launching two new sets of tasks including the Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges, which should provide another welcome distraction as we count down to the February launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Whether you're smashing up SLURP containers, searching for a hidden gnome, or catching fish in a variety of ways, we've got all the information you need. If you haven't reached the top of the battle pass in Fortnite yet then it's absolutely worth clearing these challenges, as a huge 52,000 XP reward is yours for each one you tick off. Read on for all the details on beating the Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges, plus links to any other guides we have that can help you on your way.

Fortnite Rippley vs Sludge challenges

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This additional set of challenges are focused on fishing, swimming, and SLURP containers, which isn't a surprise given the character they're based on. To begin, you'll want to hit tier 50 of the Battle Pass to unlock the Rippley vs Sludge challenges, then beat nine of them to earn the Purple style for this outfit.

Earn Gold Scavenger Medals by searching chests, llamas, or supply drops (3)

You earn Scavenger Medals by searching a certain number of chests, llamas, or supply drops during the same match, so keep looting those containers until you see the Gold Scavenger Medal appear.

Achieve AR Specialist Accolades in different matches (3)

To achieve the AR Specialist Accolade you need to deal at least 250 damage to opponents with an assault rifle in a match. Play Team Rumble and grab the appropriate type of weapon to make this a breeze.

Land in a Named Location in different matches (3)

As you should know by now, Named Locations are the ones which appear on the main map, so land at any of these in three different matches – they don't even need to be different locations. For reference, there are 13 Named Locations across the island as follows:

  • Craggy Cliffs
  • Dirty Docks
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Holly Hedges
  • Lazy Lake
  • Misty Meadows
  • Pleasant Park
  • Retail Row
  • Salty Springs
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Steamy Stacks
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Weeping Woods

Deal any damage with a placed Trap to an opponent (1)

For this challenge you need to damage an opponent with a spike trap, so once you've found one consider where the best location will be to place it and catch someone – on a ceiling above a doorway is often a good bet.

Destroy SLURP Barrels, SLURP Trucks, or SLURP Silos (10)

You'll see SLURP containers dotted around the island, but naturally the place you'll find lots of them is the factory at Slurpy Swamp, so head there and get your fill of the blue stuff.

Swim 50m in under 5s (1)

While swimming, start sprinting then jump to leap like a salmon, and keep hitting jump whenever you land back in the water to maintain your speed and cover the required distance quickly.

Visit Lazy Lake and Slurpy Swamp in the same match while riding in a Motorboat (1)

To visit both of these locations you'll want to find one of the Fortnite motorboats on or around Lazy Lake and start there, as Slurpy Swamp is much lower and you'll need to jump the boat off the dam to get to it, unless you take a convoluted overland route in the other direction.

Eliminations at Risky Reels, Fort Crumpet, or Hydro 16 (5)

These are all Fortnite landmarks, and you'll need to eliminate five opponents at them in total so Team Rumble is the easiest approach. Fort Crumpet is in map grid A3, Hydro 16 can be found in D7, and Risky Reels is located in E3/E4.

Search the hidden gnome found in between Logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a bucket tree (1)

If you've not visited it before, Logjam Woodworks is the lumber mill to the northwest of Slurpy Swamp, and you'll find a wooden shack to the west and bucket tree to the south. To find the Fortnite hidden gnome between Logjam Woodworks, wooden shack, and bucket tree location, head southwest from Logjam Woodworks into the swampy area and the hidden gnome can be found lurking next to some tree roots at the edge of the water.

Catch a fish with a Fishing Rod, a Harpoon Gun, and an Explosive Weapon (3)

Fishing spots are the rippling white circles you'll see on top of water, which are the best places to find fish. Cast the Fishing Rod, fire the Harpoon Gun, and throw or fire an Explosive Weapon into the middle of some fishing spots to grab the required fish.

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