Fortnite Food Trucks: Where to visit different food truck locations

Fortnite Food Trucks
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They're a common sight around the island and have previously featured in various challenges, but the spotlight is now on Fortnite food trucks once again. If you're planning to work your way through the Fortnite Remedy vs Toxin challenges then one of the first tasks is to visit different food trucks – three of them, to be precise. Now, you could spend your time scouring Fortnite and trying to find these elusive catering outlets for yourself, or you could take some guidance from a site that's already tracked down the Fortnite food truck locations and speed the process up. The choice should be obvious...

Fortnite Food Truck locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

On the map here we've marked where to find all four Fortnite food trucks, which is more than enough to complete this challenge and move on. This is a cumulative challenge so you don't need to go to all the Fortnite food truck locations in the same match, however you do need to visit three different trucks in total so don't try returning to one you've already ticked off earlier.

The grid references for the Fortnite food trucks we've marked are as follows:

  • D2 - Durrr Burger, northwest of Pleasant Park
  • D4 - Pizza Pit, southeast of Salty Springs
  • F5 - Fork Knife, north of Lazy Lake
  • G7 - Snow Cones, south of Retail Row

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