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Fortnite Bus Stops: Where to visit different bus stops in a single match

Fortnite Bus Stops
(Image credit: Epic Games)

UPDATE: There was previously an issue where some of the Fortnite bus stops were not registering for this challenge – this should now have been fixed with the v11.40 update.

There may not be any public transport running across the island, unless you count the Battle Bus of course, but there are still plenty of Fortnite bus stops to be found. These bright blue shelters are usually sat at the roadside or occasionally within a built up area, and if you're trying to wrap up all of the Fortnite Remedy vs Toxin challenges then you'll need to visit three of them in the same match. Thankfully they're reasonably clustered together, which means you won't have to take a long dash through Fortnite in order to tag a trio of them in one go. We've picked out 17 Fortnite bus stop locations, and have some suggested routes for you to take to make clearing this challenge as simple as possible so you can get on with your game.

Fortnite Bus Stop locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've tagged a total of 17 Fortnite bus stops on the map above, and you only need to visit three of them for this challenge, but the crucial point here is you have to go to all three in a single match. An easy way to take care of this would be to play Team Rumble mode, then land on your team's side of the island and run between three Fortnite bus stop locations without any interference from opponents. However, if you're taking on this challenge during a regular match then we have some suggested routes, the order of which can of course be reversed depending on your starting point:

Sweaty Sands (C4) > Salty Springs (D4) > Pleasant Park (D3)

Slurpy Swamp (C6) > Hydro 16 (D7) > Misty Meadows (E7)

Hydro 16 (D7) > Misty Meadows (E7) > Yellow Steel Bridge (F7)

Small Office (G5) > Retail Row (H6) > Shiver Inn (G7)

Frenzy Farm (E4) > Blue Steel Bridge (E2) > Mountain Road (F2)

Frenzy Farm (G4) > Steamy Stacks (G2) > Pristine Point (G2)

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