Fortnite mission kit and jammer locations outside the IO base

Fortnite mission kit and jammer locations
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The Fortnite mission kit and jammer locations outside the IO base are what you need to kick off the set of legendary quests for this week, as the action focuses on the Corny Complex bunker while the fight against the alien invaders escalates further. Once you open the mission kit, you'll need to place the jammer you receive in the same Fortnite match in order for it to count, but with guards and other players swarming the area you don't have much time to hunt down those items. That's why we're here to help, so if you need to know where the Fortnite mission kit and jammers are then read on for the details.

Fortnite mission kit and jammer locations

Fortnite mission kit and jammer locations map

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To get started on this quest, you actually have to head to Lazy Lake first, where the Fortnite mission kit is waiting for you. You'll find the black crate in the northeast corner near the entry gatehouse, and once you interact with it you'll receive a jammer for the next part of this assignment. It's a fair trek from here to Corny Complex to reach the IO base, so grab a vehicle if you can to speed up the journey to your destination.

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When you get to Corny Complex, then final step is to place the device strapped to your back, for which you need to select one of the following three jammer locations to use:

  1. On the northwest side of the main farmhouse, between two pairs of windows
  2. Next to the windmill between the fields to the west side of the farm
  3. At the east end of the field directly south from the main red barn

Watch out for Doctor Sloan and the Fortnite IO Guards patrolling this area, as they'll put up a fierce fight if you engage them in combat, though you should be able to run past them and complete your mission if you're quick.

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