This fan hack of 1994's NBA Jam lets you play with modern teams, Hillary Clinton, or Harambe

Love the pixelated arcade action of the original NBA Jam but tired of playing the same teams from back in '94? I have some very good news pertaining to your very specific desire: one fan has painstakingly remade the entire SNES version of the game to feature all 30 modern-day NBA teams complete with players pulled from their current rosters. Custom in-game sprites, stats based on NBA 2K17 (opens in new tab) ratings, and a timely-ish selection of new secret characters - it's an incredible effort.

You can download the SNES ROM on creator Ethan Miller's site (opens in new tab) (sorry, arcade purists, this one's console only). If you appreciate the effort, why not throw a little cash at the cancer charity marathon (opens in new tab) he's running in April?

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