Sensible Soccer returns

For many older gamers, it was the ultimate football game and now Sensible Soccer is making a comeback for PS2, Xbox and PC.

Set for release early next year to coincide with its 15th anniversary, Sensible Soccer will feature the same lightening-quick action and signature physics-defying banana shots, as well as a brand new look. From the shots provided you'll see that the players, while retaining massive heads, are now cel-shaded.

Original SS creator Jon Hare has been brought on to the project by publisher Codemasters and he reckons that many footie games are "becoming predictable and boring, and look very slow compared to the new Sensi".

As well as a unique take on the beautiful game, Sensible Soccer will be playable for up to four players, have 50 preset competitions, a career mode and over 100 unlockable upgrades and items.

Sensible Soccer will be released for PS2, Xbox and PC in early 2006