Punch-Out!! heading to Japanese 3DS Virtual Console next week

Not every game needs a 3D remake, but some titles truly benefit from the shift to the third-dimension. We've a feeling that the classic boxing simulation (shut up it's totally a sim), Punch-Out!! would make a fantastic 3D experience, with characters existing on separate planes, fists being thrown towards the screen, and a fun, timeless art style.

As of next week you'll be able to stop speculating as to how good it might be, and start actually experiencing it... well, as long as you live in Japan. Nintendo has confirmed that the game will be made available for download on the 3DS for the typical asking price of ¥500, which likely means the US version would run at about $6.

A Japanese release isn't a full-blown confirmation of a US/UK version, but it definitely paves the way for a potential release in other territories in the coming months. So far just about everything to land on the Japanese Nintendo 3DS shop has made its way stateside, so there's no reason to believe this one won't.

Hollander Cooper

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