Original Tony Hawk Pro Skater coming to iPhone?!

"In the PR world, this is considered 'going rogue,' but I'm too excited to contain it. This is real %26amp; dropping soon."Tweeted one Tony Hawkearlier today, either kicking off his game's hype machine or prematurely shitting all over it.And just to prove he wasn't talking out of school, he went ahead posted this picture too:

Above: We doubt Mr. Hawk had much time to learnPhotoshop in between breaking records and winning X Games medals, so this is probably authentic

The game looks to be Tony Hawk2, but it's hard to argue that any of the early THPS gameswould be a perfect fit for Apple's platform. Below you cansee a shot unobscured by the hands of a millionare andit looks like the the classic button configuration is good to go... although the lack of shoulder buttons would presumably make Reverts andother moves in the later THPSsdifficult or impossible.

Above:A return to form

OOooo, and would the iPhone's accelerometer control rail balance? Could we play HORSE with friends over Wi-Fi?Will the world still tolerate a ska soundtrack?! I'd expect an answer to these questions and more very soon.

Mar 12, 2010