NHL 17 confirmed, includes relocation & hockey World Cup

(Image credit: EA)


EA has confirmed that NHL 17 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One later this year – and a closer look at its debut trailer confirms two long-requested features are arriving with it.

One is relocation within career mode, a staple of stablemate Madden going back decades. In the video, we quickly see a user attempt to move the Vancouver Canucks to another city, with Hamilton, Hartford and Halifax among the options presented. (Presumably there are locations in there that don’t begin with H, too.)


Another brief segment shows the set-up screen for a World Cup of Hockey, featuring eight teams: France, North America, Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Team Europe, Canada and the USA. Cool.

Also promised are new goalkeeping animations (with mo-cap videos included to demonstrate) and that “no two legacies will be the same”.

EA's release of the trailer ties in with their cover vote for this year's game. Fans can choose between the likes of Jamie Benn, Connor McDavid and Victor Hedman when it comes to NHL 17's packaging, with (bizarrely) votes counting double on Thursdays. Ooookay.

There's no confirmed release date as yet, but history tells us it'll most likely be late September.

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