NBA Ballers pocket-sized progress

Midway has released a clutch of screens of its lifestyle sports-sim NBA Ballers: Rebound for PSP.

Rebound is an enhanced edition of the original console version of NBA Ballers which mixed one-on-one court action featuring the stars of the NBA, with an off-court lifestyle element which allowed you to lavish your ballers with treats ranging from new threads to luxury mansions.

The PSP version has several new modes including DunkFest, King of Thieves and a curious three-player free-for-all option. This can be played using PSP's WiFi capability as well as the regular one-on-one mode.

Rebound will be available in the UK on 26 May and, as you can see from the shots and the trailer, the game has lost little of its lustre on its journey to the handheld.