How to farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2

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Helldivers 2 Super Credits can be found and even farmed as you play the game, used to purchase the Warbond premium passes and armor from the Super Store. Depending on how you play Helldivers 2, you might come away with Super Credits in dribs and drabs, or keep a steady flow of income throughout your time battling back the forces of tyranny. It'll never be a quick process, but there's certainly ways it can be quicker - and I'll lay out how it's done in this guide on how to farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2.

Where to find Super Credits in Helldivers 2

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Like Medals, Samples, and Requisition Slips, Super Credits can be found in sealed pods, locked containers, and bunkers at Minor Points of Interest. When collecting piles of Super Credits, you usually only get 10 Super Credits per pile, but larger amounts aren't unheard of.

Importantly, when Super Credits are collected during a match, they are instantly added to your account and to the accounts of your teammates. Unlike collecting Samples in Helldivers 2, you don't need to carry around Super Credits and extract with them.

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The only other ways to get Super Credits in Helldivers 2 are by unlocking finite amounts in Warbonds with your Medals, or by spending your real money on them via the Acquisitions Center. You can get 1,000 SC (enough to buy one premium Warbond or two or three armor sets) for $9.99/£7.99.

How to farm Helldivers 2 Super Credits

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If you really want to farm Super Credits to help you get enough for the next Warbond or an armor set that's currently in the Super Store, the best thing to do is play Trivial difficulty missions over and over. Complete the objective as quickly as possible, then focus solely on exploring the map, hunting down Minor Points of Interest for Super Credits.

Furthermore, if you're playing a mission and you find a good cluster or path of POIs that all had Super Credits in them, you can close Helldivers 2, reboot it, and start the same mission again. The mission, map layout, and loot will be exactly the same, letting you hit the same POIs again to get more Super Credits. You can repeat this as many times as you like to quickly build up Super Credits, but it’s not an especially fun way to play the game. View this as a last resort!

Playing on the lowest Helldivers 2 difficulty level means these POIs usually have no enemies guarding them, so you can just run around looting with minimal fuss. However, it does also mean you sacrifice getting larger amounts of Requisition Slips, XP, and Medals for completing missions, and you won't be able to get Rare or Super Rare Samples – you will not be able to level up fast in Helldivers 2 when doing this. Of course, you can still get Medals and Requisition Slips in the same POIs mentioned above, so you will be getting some stuff.

What can you spend Super Credits on in Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 Super Store armor for Super Credits

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Now that you've hopefully got some Super Credits, you can spend them on Warbonds and exclusive Super Store armor in the Acquisition Center on your Destroyer. Press Square on PlayStation to access this store menu, where you can buy the following:

Be aware that after buying a Warbond with Super Credits, you must unlock items in the Warbond by spending Medals. As mentioned, Warbonds also contain Super Credits, so spending your Medals on those can help you work towards another Warbond or armor piece. The free Helldivers Mobilise Warbond that's available to all players contains 700 Super Credits in total, while the premium Warbonds hold 300 SC each.

As for the exclusive armor, the Super Store always features two helmets and two body armor sets at a time, and the stock changes every 48 hours. These armor pieces can only be bought from the Super Store and aren't part of the Warbonds.

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