Hands-on with new PSN title: Feel Ski

Feel Ski has been available in the US since 4 October and tomorrow will it slip its way onto the European PlayStation Store.

Like other titles that are making their way to the Store, such asToy Home, controlling your alpine expert is done entirely with the SixAxis. This works reasonably well but can get frustrating when trying to make tight turns quickly, and with no option to map the controls to the analogue sticks it could put some people off.

Graphically, for a PSN title costing $3 (around %26pound;1.50) it%26rsquo;s solid. And with split screen and online race modes as well as an overall leader board for each of the three race modes, slalom, time attack and battle, there%26rsquo;s enough here to keep those looking for there quick winter sports fix entertained.

Check out the video below, and look forward to donning your woolly hat and hitting the snowy piste from tomorrow.