Elite Beat Agents make a record

Monday 4 June 2007
Our stale weekend faces lit up with Christmas Day joy when we opened this morning's post and found a very cool Elite Beat Agents 7" record sent to us from Nintendo. Welove the game and we love vinyl, so it seemed like the best bit of promotional gaming tat ever - nice quality cover with artwork on both sides, an inner sleeve and 7" disc complete with EBA label. However, our happy fuzzy feeling was tainted with disappointment when we discovered that the record didn't actually have anything on it - no Jumpin' Jack Flash, no Sk8er Boi, no YMCA, no Material Girl...

So, yet another thing to carefully place on ourever-growing pile of incredibly-cool-but-completely-useless gaming debris.

Matt Cundy
I don't have the energy to really hate anything properly. Most things I think are OK or inoffensively average. I do love quite a lot of stuff as well, though.