Download Sensible Soccer NOW!

Friday 9 June 2006
It's only available in shops today but we're giving you the chance download Sensible Soccer 2006 for PC this afternoon thanks to GamesOnRadar.

GamesOnRadar is a games-on-demand service that gives you access to loads of top PC titles for just a small monthly fee. To get your hands on Sensible Soccer and celebrate the start of the World Cup in style, all you have to do is subscribe to the Ultimate Collection package that will enable you to download over 90 different games for just £13 a month.

So you could spend £20 in a shop or stay at home and, for an initial fee of £13, get your hands on Sensible Soccer and other top titles such as Splinter Cell and King Kong. The download will only take 32 minutes on a 2MB connection.

Sensible Soccer 2006 is a dynamic update of the classic big-headed football sim that offers unrivalled response and control. It has a dazzling array of competitions and over 5,500 players from over 350 different international and European club teams.

To get your hands on Sensible Soccer and tons of other PC greats, just visit GamesOnRadarnow.

Above: It's all the classic Sensi action but now with sexier graphics