Disney Dreamlight Valley guide to lead a lovely Disney village

Our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide is packed with useful articles that’ll help you learn the basics, get through some tricky quests, and unlock new Disney characters. You’ll need to know about earning and spending Dreamlight and Star Coins to unlock furniture and new areas; how Disney villagers can join your village, how you can interact with them, and how to level your friendships with them; and finally what materials and items you can find around your village to cook meals, craft furniture, or sell for a profit. Take a look through all our Disney Dreamlight Valley guides to build and lead a magical Disney valley.

If you’re wondering what we think about the game and its early access phase, you can read our Disney Dreamlight Valley review here!

Disney Dreamlight Valley starter guides

10 tips to get you started

Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Use these Disney Dreamlight Valley tips to help you get started and learn the basics. Things like knowing how to get the most out of the interface, whether that’s getting information from the Collection menu or tracking quests, learning how you can interact and hang out with villagers, and how to efficiently get certain resources.

Redemption codes

Disney Dreamlight Valley codes

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Disney Dreamlight Valley codes can be entered into a particular menu in the game to unlock exclusive in-game items. The only problem is, there is just one code and it gifts players with a quest item – a golden potato – and no one knows what it is for. If you need to know how to enter a code or want to see a list of all the available codes, our guide will sort you out.

All Disney characters

Disney Dreamlight Valley characters selfie with Wall-E

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We’ve got a list of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters that you can find in the game right now. Each entry also has a bit of information on how you can get each character too, although you’ll get most of them just through story progression. More characters will be available to unlock with each update, so check out the list of upcoming Disney character additions too

Here’s how you can get the characters that have been added since launch:

All cooking recipes

Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking at chez remy restaurant

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There are 164 Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes to cook, so we’ve compiled this list with ingredients lists so you can create them yourself. Food is usually eaten to regain Energy but it can also be sold for a profit, so we’ve also created a list of some of the best recipes in the game, for restoring energy and making money.

See below for three of the recipes you'll need to 

How Energy works

Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy

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As you use your tools, you’ll gradually deplete your Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy bar which needs to be refilled if you want to continue using your tools. Food and resting are your best options, but you can find all the details on how Energy works in our guide.

Earn Star Coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins is the main currency in the game, and you’ll need to pay for all sorts of things, from clothes and furniture, to houses for other villagers. Earning it in the early stages of the game can be slow, so our guide will help you learn how to make Star Coins quickly.

Get Dreamlight

Get more Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight is another currency that you’ll find in the game, and its used to unlock new areas, whether those are Village biomes in the Valley or Realms in the Dream Castle. You’ll earn them gradually over time by completing lots of challenges as you do anything in the valley – think Nook Miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Fast Travel

Disney Dreamlight Valley restored fast travel wishing well

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Plodding around on foot can be really slow, so knowing about how to unlock and use Disney Dreamlight Valley fast travel can help you save a lot of time. Once you unlock a new village area, getting its Wishing Well up and running should be one of your first priorities!

Upgrade your house and storage

Your two-storey house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Storage is scarce when you first start Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you’ll quickly fill up the storage chest in your house and your backpack as you collect every resource you can. For that reason, you’ll want to know how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which will also improve your storage chest and you can learn more storage tips in our guide.

Founder’s Packs

Dreamlight Valley

(Image credit: Disney)

If you want to play Disney Dreamlight Valley during the current early access period, you’ll need to buy one of the Founder’s Packs. These Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder’s Packs contain all sorts of extra, including clothes, furniture, and lots of Moonstones. Learn all about them in this guide


Disney Dreamlight Valley

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There isn’t any Disney Dreamlight Valley multiplayer in the game at the moment, but it is something that developers Gameloft have plans for. Don’t expect multiplayer to launch any time soon as it sounds like it’ll be added to the game in 2023 at the earliest, but we’ll be looking forward to trying it out when it is added!

Disney Dreamlight Valley quest guides

Royal Tools

Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools

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One of the first quests you’ll need to complete involves getting all the Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools. These essential items are scattered around the plaza starting area will require a bit of searching to acquire. If you’re stuck looking for them or just want to speed through this quest to get to the rest of the game. Our guide will help you out.

Find seaweed

Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed pops up in all sorts of quests, usually because you need to get it to craft fiber – sometimes you’ll then need to craft that fiber into rope! It’s also used in a number of recipes, but you can’t just wade into the sea to get it and must instead use your fishing rod.

Mystical Cave puzzles

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave entrance

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Once you’ve unlocked Dazzle Beach and take on the ‘With Great Power…’ quest, you’ll need to meet Ursula and eventually enter a cave to solve three Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave puzzles. These puzzles aren’t particularly difficult to figure out but they do task you with getting a few different objects which you might not know how to get, so this guide will speed things along for you.

Find Emeralds

Disney Dreamlight Valley emerald mined in forest of valor

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There are a couple of quests that require you to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds to craft magical objects. Mickey will ask you for one as part of the ‘Memory Magnification’ quest and Kristoff will request two for the ‘Lost In The Dark Grove’ quest to rescue Donald Duck. Unfortunately, Emeralds are quite rare, so we’ve laid out a farming guide to help you get the gems you need quickly.

Dig up Clay and Rich Soil

Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay

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There are a few crafting recipes and quests will require you to dig up lots and lots of Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay. Getting this material is largely down to luck, but you’ll need to make sure you’re digging with your shovel in the right spots to get any at all.

Like Clay, Disney Dreamlight Valley Rich Soil is another material that has uses in crafting and is required for certain quests. However, it’s not as simple to get as Clay because you need to plant and then harvest crops to get it.

Get Falling Water and the Ice Heart

Disney Dreamlight Valley collecting falling water at waterfall

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For Merlin’s Final Trial quest, he’ll task you with collecting the Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water and Ice Heart ingredients to make a magical upgrading ointment for your shovel. These ingredients are only available for this quest and can’t be used for anything else, so they’re not some rare or hidden item that you just haven’t stumbled across yet, which means you’ll need to know exactly where to look to find them!

Find Snowballs

Taking a selfie with Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs

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If you want to craft some wintry decorations and furniture or need to fulfil a few character requests involving snow, you’ll need to get some Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs. You can find these out and about in the Frozen Heights or you can dig them up in the same area. And before you ask, no you can’t throw them at the other villagers.

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