How to get Buzz Lightyear from the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story realm

Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley Buzz Lightyear quest and get the spaceman to join your village by gathering some unique items for him. When you arrive in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Realm, you can complete the "A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space", which involves you finding a bunch of items around Bonnie's room to replenish Buzz's batteries and then rescue Woody. But to even reach the Realm, you'll first need to spend 7,000 Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley unlocking the Realm in the castle.

After you've helped Buzz and got the space ranger to move in to your own Valley, you can continue with a Disney Dreamlight Valley Woody quest to get your favorite deputy back too. Here's what you need to know about getting Buzz Lightyear in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


How to find the batteries for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To fix Buzz's electronics in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to get two AA batteries - weirdly, I thought he'd be a AAA man. Here's where to find both batteries:

  • Behind the shoebox and stack of books near the play oven
  • In front of another shoebox and book stack in the back left corner of the room beyond the wardrobe doors

Finding batteries for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Once you've found them, return them to Buzz to fix him and also the weirdly slow music in this realm. 

Race Car Tracks

How to find the race car tracks for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finding Race Car Tracks for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Next up, Buzz needs you to finish the race car track to dislodge the window latch. There are 10 track pieces to find, but the weird thing is is that they take two different forms. Firstly there's the normal wooden track pieces that you'd expect, but there are also the smaller pieces with two bumps on them to find. You can see both in the image above. 

Here's where to find all 10 race car track pieces:

  1. At the bottom of the track tower atop a green box near where you enter the realm (normal track)
  2. At the bottom of the book/box stack near the play oven where you found the battery (normal track)
  3. Behind the other track tower near the penguin (short piece)
  4. In the front corner of the room near the blue paper with clouds and music on (normal track)
  5. To the right of the green legs of the flower table that Buzz is standing on (short piece)
  6. Around back behind the green legs of the flower table (normal track)
  7. At the back right-hand corner near a pile of foam squares (short piece)
  8. Inside the wardrobe on the left-hand side (normal track)
  9. By the nightstand to the left of the bed (normal track)
  10. Behind the ramp up to the basket taking you to Buzz (short piece)

When you've got all 10, return to Buzz to hand them in. 

Magic Growing Cactuses

How to find the Magic Growing Cactuses for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finding a Magic Growing Cactus in Disney Dreamlight Valley for Buzz

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Now that the track is complete, it seemingly needs a bit of a boost to get everything in the right place, so to do that you'll need to collect five Magic Growing Cactuses. Now, at this collection stage that's a bit of a misnomer as they actually look more like juicers, as you can see above. 

Here's why to find all five Magic Growing Cactuses for Buzz:

  • Red: At the bottom of the ramp leading up to where Buzz is standing
  • Blue: Under the track directly opposite Buzz near the play oven
  • Green (1): Inside the wardrobe on the right by the backpack
  • Yellow: In the back-left corner of the room against the wall
  • Green (2): In the back-right corner of the room near the foam squares

Once you've got all five, you'll need to place each one under the tracks that require heightening. Two of these track pieces will need two cactuses each, while the other will only need a single cactus. 

Where to play the cactuses in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After that, you'll need to water each track piece you just interacted with to make the cactus actually look like a cactus. Walk up to each piece until it glows white and then water it to see the cactuses finally take shape. 

Cactuses holding race car track pieces aloft in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Return to Buzz and then he'll give you a toy car, which you'll need to take to the ladder near the play oven. When you get there a cutscene will play out and you'll now find Woody has also made it to the Toy Story realm from his little adventure. 

Go talk to him and then to Buzz.

Bonnie's Drawings

How to find Bonnie's Drawings for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Finding Bonnie's drawings for Buzz in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The final part of this quest is to find the Blueprints for the farm that they need to rebuild before Bonnie comes back from her vacation. There are four of Bonnie's drawings to be found around the room, each on a different colored piece of paper, and all adorned with gold star stickers. You'll need to take a selfie with each one.

Here's how to find all four of Bonnie's drawings:

  • Pink: High on the wall to the left of the play oven 
  • Purple: Inside the wardrobe on the left-hand wall
  • Green: In front of the box / stack of books by the nightstand 
  • Yellow: On the inside of the white cabinet on the right hand side of the room when you look at the bed

After that, return once more to Buzz who'll explain he needs more resources. It's here you'll suggest he moves to the Valley, so then it's just a case of finding a spot for his RV and then paying Scrooge the 10,000 Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins he needs to do whatever it is he does. 

As part of the same update that introduced Buzz and Woody in the Toy Story Realm, you might have also noticed a mysterious stolen sock or two lying or around. Keep on this thread of quests and you'll eventually get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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