How to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch playing ukulele
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Complete these Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch quests to retrieve stolen socks and clear trash and you'll eventually get the pesky, blue guy to crash land and move into your village. Once you've got the required socks and found some clues as to who the sock thief could be, you'll be able to place a homing beacon to lure Stitch to your Disney Dreamlight Valley beach. While these quests are short and simple, they're unfortunately time gated and you'll have to wait five real days between each one, so buckle in for this long journey. Below you'll find all the steps you need to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to find Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlike all the other Disney Dreamlight Valley characters, Stitch isn't found through a Realm or new area. He has become a pesky sock thief and to get him back, you'll need to go on several short quests to find the missing socks and eventually lure him to the island with a homing beacon. Here are all the steps needed to find Stitch: 

  1. Find the Slimy Stocking Sock on Dazzle Beach and give it to Donald Duck. Then wait five days.
  2. Find the Chewed-Up Sock in the Peaceful Meadow and hand it over to Goofy. Then wait five more days.
  3. Find the Knitted Orange Sock in the Forest of Valor and give it to Merlin. Afterwards, you'll need to place the homing beacon on Dazzle Beach so that Stitch lands, then you can build a house for him for 10,000 Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch's rocket ship crashed on the beach with donald duck and the player standing nearby

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How to find the Slimy Stocking Sock

Giving Donald Duck the sock in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To kick off the first of three quests to eventually get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to find a gross sock on Dazzle Beach. The sock spawns in a random area on the beach, so look around for something sparkling in the sand as you walk around to start the quest called "The Mystery of the Stolen Socks":

  1. Find the Slimy Stocking: It's at a random location on Dazzle Beach, so keep your eyes peeled for the above item on the sand. This will trigger the quest "The Mystery of the Stolen Socks". 
  2. Take the sock to Donald Duck: If the DD sown into the socks wasn't a giveaway, you need to take the tattered Slimy Stocking to Donald Duck.
  3. Clear the junk in Donald's house: Clean five piles of trash in Donald's House to uncover a Strange Device.
  4. Wait five days: This will cause the second of three socks to spawn in the Peaceful Meadow. Remember that Disney Dreamlight Valley runs on real time, so you'll be waiting for almost a week.

The Strange Device in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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How to find the Chewed-Up Sock

Disney Dreamlight Valley second sock stolen by Stitch

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Once you've waited five days, you can start the next quest, which is called "The Stock-Stealing Space Alien Strikes Again!", by finding the second missing sock:

  1. Find the Chewed-Up Sock: This sock is found somewhere in the Peaceful Meadow. Make sure you look for something sparkling in the grass! Pick it up to begin the quest.
  2. Take the sock to Goofy.
  3. Clear the junk in Goofy's house: As before, clean five piles of trash in Goofy's House. This time, you'll discover a tuft of Blue Fur.
  4. Bring the Blue Fur to Donald Duck: Wrap up the this quest by speaking to Donald about your findings.
  5. Wait five days: This will cause the second of three socks to spawn in the Peaceful Meadow.

How to find the Orange Knitted Sock

Disney Dreamlight Valley third sock stolen by Stitch

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Now that you've waited another five days, you can start final quest and will finally be able to get Stitch in your Disney Dreamlight Valley village. Start this quest, called "Built To Destroy!" by finding the final sock:

  1. Find the Knitted Orange Sock: The final sock needs to be picked up from somewhere in the Forest of Valor. You'll begin the Built To Destroy quest when you collect it.
  2. Return the sock to Merlin: You don't need to speak to Kristof or Mickey for this step - just head straight to Merlin and give him his sock back.
  3. Clear the junk in Merlin's house: For the final time, clean five piles of trash, this time in Merlin's House. You'll find a Mysterious Claw.
  4. Bring the Mysterious Claw to Donald Duck: During your conversation with Donald, you'll find that the Strange Device has reached 100% and tells you to place a homing beacon.

Disney Dreamlight Valley placing homing beacon for Stitch

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  1. Place the homing beacon on Skull Rock: Head down to Dazzle Beach and go over to the small island at the southeast corner of the beach that's next to the large rock shaped like a skull. Now open your furniture inventory and place the beacon on this island.
  2. Speak to Stitch and Donald: Straight after placing the homing beacon, Stitch will crash land on the beacon. Speak to him and then to Donald where you'll discuss building a house for Stitch.
  3. Place and build Stitch's house: Open your furniture inventory and select Stitch's house, then place it. You must then pay Scrooge McDuck 10,000 Star Coins to instantly construct the house.
  4. Speak to Stitch: Finish this Stitch saga by telling him about his new house. With the quest completed, Stitch will now be a permanent resident in your village!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch's house built

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With the quests over, Stitch is now a resident and will act like a normal Disney Dreamlight Valley villager. You'll be able to interact with him like any other villager, speaking to him and offering gifts to increase your Friendship Level.

Stitch is part of the second major expansion to Disney Dreamlight Valley, which also added the Toy Story Realm. Here's how to complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley Buzz Lightyear quest and then subsequently the Disney Dreamlight Valley Woody quest.

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