How to get seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley to make fiber and rope

Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed is an important item for crafting and cooking, but you need to get lucky while fishing to collect some. You're probably stuck on Goofy's Mysterious Wreck quest, which tasks you with getting seven bits of rope, which is crafted from fiber, which is pulled from seaweed, and that's not even the only quest that requires the stuff. To even have a chance of catching seaweed, you need to throw your fishing lure where the fish aren't, i.e where there are no ripples. If you fancy yourself as a Disney Dreamlight Valley gourmand too, you'll also need seaweed for sushi recipes. Here's how you get Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed using your fishing rod.

How to find seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a couple of ways to find Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed:

  • Found on the floor in every area of the Valley (doesn't replenish)
  • By fishing anywhere but at the ripples

Fishing up seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds

Disney Dreamlight Valley emerald mined in forest of valor

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Get valuable Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley for several quests or to make some money

It's important to note that (at the time of writing) any seaweed you find on the floor will not regrow and appear later, or even the next day. So, after you've picked up these fairly limited pieces, you'll need to rely on chance through fishing in the game. 

If you fish anywhere in the Valley apart from at the ripples, which always guarantees you'll get a fish - or some other creature, such as a Disney Dreamlight Valley Lobster - you will get a chance to reel in some seaweed. The game doesn't really tell you that it's possible to fish anywhere aside from the ripples, which is pretty frustrating when you're on the hunt for seaweed.

How to make fiber in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Making fiber in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Go to a crafting table in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you'll be able to break down one piece of seaweed into five fiber

How to make rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Seaweed in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To make rope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, combine eight fiber at a crafting table. This will get you a single piece of rope, so you'll need lots of fiber to create more rope.

Using seaweed to eventually make rope is just one of many crafting exercises you'll have to do in all the game's quests. Some will require you to gather Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay or Disney Dreamlight Valley Rich Soil. You can also craft snowmen and other wintry furniture items using snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You might also want to know how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can have more storage for all your various resources.

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